The Suzuki AE 50 is a classically designed scooter first seen on UK roads in 1990. Powered by a basic 50cc two-stroke petrol engine, the AE 50 was a robust and reliable vehicle that has remained in production for 6 years. During that time, it was exported to most of the world, becoming popular as a no-frills vehicle.

The AE 50 was a single gear scooter, which lowered the learning curve for new riders. It was also quite dynamic with a small 50cc engine that provided 6.5hp at 6500rpm, which is actually comparable to 80cc scooters of the same era! A cyclist could reach top speeds of 60 mph with the Suzuki AE 50, although the tiny wheels and tight space limit use on the streets. Of course, the single gear system and peppy engine meant that the AE50 was never quite as frugal as a comparable moped.

The design of the Suzuki AE 50 is pretty standard for classic ’90s; Straight, clean lines dominate the style. On the technical side, it comes with a basic set of gauges and warning lights. If you are looking at a used AE 50, note that the odometer is spinning at 9,999 kms. Existing mopeds sometimes come with non-standard wing mirrors, as the factory set was quite cramped from a safety standpoint.

Another part that was sometimes changed was the mono-seat. The standard seat on the Suzuki AE 50 had an unusual narrow shape that was uncomfortable for some owners. Under the seat, owners had a small storage area that could hold a folded umbrella or a couple of books. The seat also needed to be raised whenever the AE 50 needed a tank. The small 2.75-litre tank also kept the Suzuki AE50 strictly within walking distance of a gas station. The oil had its own separate tank, which meant there was no problem getting the mix right.

Overall, the Suzuki AE 50 was meant to be a peppy little scooter, and it did well until production stopped in 1999. Long-term owners report few problems with bikes that have been serviced regularly. Older surviving models may need an extensive change, as this part is the most exposed to the elements and damage. A good parts dealer should be able to hook you up with genuine parts, which can be hard to find on the general market. With its easy handling and fast ride, a Suzuki AE 50 can still dominate the streets of your city.

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