Incestuous intercourse in ancient Indian astrology

No greater sin can be conceived than sexual association with one’s own close relatives. A sexual activity between close relatives related by blood, adaptation and marriage is considered a legal, social and religious taboo. Unless a man is completely shameless and completely deprived of all feelings of conscience, he cannot be guilty of such a heinous crime. Adultery or incest in any of its forms is the consequence of abnormal mental dirt.

Factors responsible for incest relationships

Moon: significator of mother, mental tendencies

Sun: significator of father, intrinsic qualities

Jupiter: husband, grandparents, children, father figures,

Venus: wife, cum, pleasures in bed

Mars: brothers/sisters-in-law and courage for sexual pleasure, biological instincts

Rahu [dragon head]: related to the maternal uncle, denotes sexual hunger

Ketu [dragon tail]: related to the father, inborn unconscious tendencies, secret relationships, unnatural sexual tendencies and sexual dissatisfaction.

Ascendant: nature and general aptitude

2nd hose: close relatives, family

3/11 Houses: Younger/Older Brothers and Sisters

4th house: mother, mind

6th house: maternal relative, and keep

7th house: spouse, sex, sexual relationship and married life

9th house: father, grandchildren

Different combinations for incest relationships

· The Moon or Venus joins a quadrant, in conjunction or aspect by a malefic, and an evil planet must occupy the 4th house. The person will be guilty of committing adultery with his own mother or mother as figures like stepmother, preceptor’s wife, ruler’s wife, brother’s wife, wife’s mother.

If the lord of the 7th and Venus are conjunct in the 4th house and are aspected or associated with malefic, the person will be guilty of adultery with his own sisters.

Venus, Saturn and Mars join the Moon in the seventh house. Both husband and wife will be guilty of adultery. The Moon-Saturn association denotes mental depression, and the sexual drive denotes the Mars-Venus association, deliberate opportunity hunters cross all barriers of social and religious norms and commit incest. Indicates relationship with the wife of the younger brother, the children of the maternal uncle

If Sun in 9th house and 9th house lord are weakened/enemies/eclipsed/incest with father or preceptor is indicated

Moon with maleficent in 9na the native will meet his master’s wife or the wife of the wife’s younger brother

· Rahu/Mercury in 6th house very afflicted denotes relationship with maternal uncle, and having a secret relationship.

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