How do Santa’s elves spend their free time?

As Thanksgiving ends and the busy Christmas season begins, Santa and his elves are busy with all the Christmas preparations. There is little time for the elves to rest and relax after a long day at the toy store. Santa keeps everyone on their toes by making sure every detail is ready for the big day. Then there is the sleigh that must be prepared and packed for the long night journey, the reigning deer that needs to be tended to, and the demands of Mrs. Clause keeping all the elves very busy.

But when they wander away a bit, these little elves enjoy a moment of relaxation by enjoying a long, relaxing bubble bath, a cup of hot tea, and soft relaxing music. The favorite elf scent is the sweet scent of apple and cinnamon. This aromatic scent keeps Christmas fresh and alive in the elves all year long and cold with the special memories of spice cookies, sweets and all the favorite Christmas traditions that all elves love.

A favorite tradition of the elves on Christmas Eve, when the last package is packed and Santa is safe on his way making all those deliveries, the elves escape for a well-earned rest with a plate of freshly baked cookies, a cup of tea, and their favorite bubble bath gift set.

This tradition has been around for centuries and will continue for many more to come. After all, the North Pole is a very cold place, and elves like to shake the chill off their bones with a nice bubble bath on a cold, snowy winter night.

So if you have a special elf in your life, remember her favorite scent when looking for the perfect Christmas present to leave under her tree.

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