Initially designed and manufactured for US Air Force pilots, mirrored aviator sunglasses have become one of the most popular sunglasses among fashion-conscious men and women today. One can see many popular celebrities and US Army personnel flaunting aviator sunglasses and they are a regular feature in most movies and TV series. Also, there are a number of designer brands that manufacture this celebrated style, so you can get them in different designs and colors. An easy mark of identification is the trademark wire frames of these shades.

The mirrored aviator style is associated with mystery, danger and action, especially the mirrored silver tones. It could be seen in all the classic things from the 80’s, movies and television, the most fashionable style was this. And not just in looks, but in performance, the mirrored aviator is the ultimate in eye protection. These shades are designed in such a way that they are perfect for protecting the eyes from harmful UV rays from every possible angle. The polarized design ensures that the horizontal light path, as well as reflection and glare, are blocked to the maximum.

This is precisely the main reason why it is the favorite of most pilots. It is of the utmost importance that when purchasing a new pair of sunglasses, the protection factor is the best possible. They should also be handled with care as the lenses are quite delicate and vulnerable to scratches. And for those who are thinking, Oh, Ray Ban aviators, same old stuff, this style is not exclusive to Ray Ban, you can also find it in other designer brands, for example, Gucci, Maui Jim, Prada, oakley etc.

Some people find that sunglasses that excel in protection factor are less glamorous than other shades. But obviously that’s not the case with mirrored aviators. One look and you’ll be amazed at the excellent style they offer. Whether you’re driving (in fact, they’re the best to wear when you’re out driving), playing ball with your friends, or just taking a stroll, these sunglasses up your style quotient big time. If you want to sport a unique look, you can opt for the different color options available. And if you’re skeptical about the comfort and durability of these glasses, then you should know that mirrored aviator sunglasses are considered one of the most comfortable shades by both the fashion fraternity and health experts. You can search online to read rave reviews from people who own a pair. It is unlikely that you will ever come across a negative one.

To flaunt these shades, you have to buy them at the best prices. On the net, there are many good websites that offer deep discounts on mirrored aviators from top designer brands like Ray Ban, Gucci, Prada, whatever your preferred option is. So go now and treat yourself to a wonderful piece of fashion accessory!

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