Roofers Barrie Reviews

When looking for a roofing company in Barrie, it’s important to choose a reputable company that offers quality workmanship and exceptional materials. You can trust United Roofers to provide you with an outstanding roof, and they’re certified by the Better Business Bureau. You’ll also love the fact that their staff is professional, friendly, and courteous. They offer free quotes on new roofs and full replacements, and you can even take advantage of their 24-hour emergency services.

I had my roof installed this year, and I am very pleased with the result. The installation process was a bit late for me this year due to bad weather, but the guys came in on time. The work was done quickly and looks fantastic. Chris and Mike, the two men who did the work, did an excellent job. The new shingles look great and should shed snow better than the old shingles. The entire process was smooth and quick.

United Roofers Barrie Reviews

They were late for the season, but they completed the project on time. The roof looks amazing. Chris and Mike were extremely professional and courteous. They even installed a snow guard for the first time for me. The new shingles should shed snow better than the old shingles. I would highly recommend JN Roofers to anyone looking to get a new roof. I am happy with the results. And I am looking forward to the next winter!

Roofing Solutions is a reputable roofing service in Barrie, ON. Their commitment to quality work and materials sets them apart from other companies. The company is known for its free estimates, 24-hour emergency service, and fully customizable roofing solutions. Read customer testimonials to learn more about this roofing company. You can trust that they will do a great job for your home or business. They are located at 1555 Main Street in Barrie, ON.

The company specializes in installing shingles. They can replace old or install new shingles. They offer a variety of shingle options to choose from. They will spend the time to recommend the right shingles for your needs. The roofing team at Roofers Barrie Reviews is dedicated to providing excellent service to customers. A Roofers Barrie review will let you know if the company meets your expectations. Once you find a great roofing company, you will be glad you did.

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