What is the typical timeline for trial proceedings with Maui fire lawyers?

Maui fire lawyers

If you or a loved one suffered injuries or loss in the Lahaina fires, it is important that you contact an experienced Maui wildfire lawyer right away. The attorneys at the law firm of Leka Anitema can assist you in filing a claim for compensation, and they will work hard to ensure that those responsible are held accountable. The firm offers free consultations and charges no fee until you win your case.

A number of lawsuits have been filed against Hawaiian Electric, the company responsible for power lines that caused the deadly fires in Maui County last year. The lawsuits allege that the damage could have been avoided if the utility company had turned off its equipment during the high winds and dry conditions that caused the fires to spread quickly.

According to the Maui fire lawyers, Hawaii Electric Industries and its subsidiaries failed to follow state regulations by requiring Public Safety Power Shutoffs for their overhead power lines. The lawsuits also claim that the companies ignored warnings from the National Weather Service about the potential danger of high winds, drought, and dry vegetation.

What is the typical timeline for trial proceedings with Maui fire lawyers?

Several of the lawsuits were filed by residents of the Lahaina neighborhood, where the majority of the deaths and destruction occurred. Others were filed by law firms representing families whose homes and businesses were destroyed in the fires.

Some of the lawsuits allege that the fires were preventable, while others allege that Hawaiian Electric did not properly maintain its power grid on Maui. According to the lawsuits, the company allowed vegetation to grow under and around the lines, and they failed to inspect or remove downed lines.

Lawsuits against Hawaiian Electric also allege that the company failed to properly replace old wooden power poles, which are more prone to fires than metal ones. Additionally, the lawsuits claim that the companies placed profits above people when it came to repairing or replacing their infrastructure.

Hawaiian Electric fire lawyers

The lawsuits against the company are seeking compensation for property damages, medical bills, and lost income. One of the more unique legal theories being used by plaintiffs is a legal concept known as “inverse condemnation.” This allows private property owners to sue governmental entities for losses without having to prove negligence. It is a method that was successfully used against PG&E in California after the devastating wildfires there.

Some residents are using the inverse condemnation method because they believe that Hawaiian Electric operates like a governmental entity, since it provides public electricity. If victims can demonstrate that the company operates like a government body, they may be able to use a constitutional doctrine known as inverse condemnation to secure compensation.

The lawsuits against Hawaiian Electric have raised questions about the involvement of a state senator in them. The lawmaker is a partner at Takatani Agaran Jorgensen & Wildman, the firm that partnered with Morgan & Morgan to file the latest wildfire lawsuit against the utility company. The senator’s participation in the litigation has raised questions about his impartiality as he oversees legislative discussions on the fires that ravaged Lahaina and other parts of the island.

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