1954-55 marked Topps’ first NHL hockey card series. Out of that set came three major rookie letters, albeit working-class ones. Combined, the three played 2,915 regular-season games in the National Hockey League. Two had played youth hockey alongside the OHA Barrie Flyers. The same two would begin their NHL careers with the Boston Bruins. One would be awarded the Calder Memorial Trophy as NHL Rookie of the Year, while two of the three would win the Lady Byng Trophy once in their careers.

Doug mohns

Card number 18 in the 1954-55 Topps set is Doug Mohns’ rookie card. Mohns played his rookie year with the Bruins in 1953-54 after playing junior for the Barrie Flyers. The defender was an immediate hit with 27 points while playing all 70 regular season games for Boston.

Doug played in the National Hockey League from 1953-54 to 1974-75 with the Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, Minnesota North Stars, Atlanta Flames, and Washington Capitals. He played 1,390 regular season games. During the 2013-14 season, Teemu Selanne will move to Mohns on the list of players with the most games played, pushing Doug to position 36.

As a defense from the pre-Bobby Orr era, Doug’s numbers are very good. He scored 248 goals and assisted in 462 for 710 points. In 94 playoff games, he had 50 points. However, despite the large number of playoff games, Mohns was never a Stanley Cup champion. Some say the lost championship was the only thing that kept Doug from being inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. It may be the only thing in the world of vintage hockey cards that keeps your rookie card value at a still respectable $ 125 book value.

Camille Henry

Camille ‘The Eel’ began her NHL career with a bang in 1953-54. He scored 24 goals and added 39 points in 66 games for the New York Rangers to win the Calder Memorial Trophy. Camille Henry’s rookie card is listed as number 32 in the 1954-55 Topps set and has a book value of around $ 80.

Despite his rookie success, Henry found himself playing just 21 games in 1954-55 before being sent to the American Hockey League to play for the Quebec Aces. Camille then played the entire 1955-56 season with the Providence Reds in the AHL before returning to the Rangers midway through the next season.

Henry played in the NHL from 1953-54 to 1969-70 with the Rangers, Chicago Blackhawks, and St. Louis Blues. He was teammates with Doug Mohns in Chicago during the last half of the 1964-65 season. Like Mohns, Camille never won a Stanley Cup championship. However, he was awarded the Lady Byng Trophy as the most chivalrous player in the league in 1957-58.

Throughout her career, Camille played 727 regular season games. He scored 279 goals and assisted in 249 for 528 points. In the Stanley Cup playoffs, Henry appeared in 47 games and added 18 points.

Don McKenney

Even though No. 35 on the 1954-55 Topps set was Don McKenney’s rookie card, he played the entire 1953-54 season in the AHL with the Hershey Bears. Another product of the Barrie Flyers, McKenney became a regular for the Bruins in 1954-55. He played in the NHL until the end of the 1967-68 season with the Bruins, New York Rangers, Toronto Maple Leafs, Detroit Red Wings, and St. Louis Blues.

Don played in 798 NHL regular season games, scoring 237 goals and assisting in 345 for 582 points. He played 58 more games in the Stanley Cup playoffs, scoring 47 points. McKenney was a member of the Maple Leafs in 1963-64 with Toronto winning its third consecutive Stanley Cup championship.

Like Camille Henry, McKenney was once a Lady Byng Trophy winner, taking home the hardware in 1959-60 as a member of the Bruins. His rookie card also has the same value as Henry’s.

1954-55 Topps

The 1954-55 Topps set was the first NHL collection for the longtime baseball card producer. One community card from that set has a value of $ 40. There are 60 hockey cards in the collection with the book value of a complete set of $ 4,500. The most valuable card belongs to Gordie Howe of the Detroit Red Wings.

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