During a toxic relationship or relationship with a narcissist, we usually get so addicted to keeping them happy that we forget to take care of ourselves. We put them at the top of our priority list and make sure to meet all of your needs. Only to realize that what we do will never be recognized, appreciated, or enough for a narcissist. We get physically, mentally, and emotionally ill by not putting our own happiness first. And this is one of the hardest lessons we learn after a breakup with a narcissist. After we drop them or are discarded for a new supply, we are left with ourselves to watch. But we are so used to taking care of their needs that we no longer know how to take care of ourselves. So where can we start?

The first thing you can do is be brutally honest with yourself and accept that you have been left in the background for too long. Understand that your happiness and self-care should always be your priority. Even to be a good parent and meet the needs of your children, you cannot serve from an empty cup. You need to start making extreme self-care a daily habit. Your health and well-being are important. Without it, their quality of life is greatly diminished. Some of the things that have helped me get started with self-care is taking a few minutes for myself every day. In those few minutes I make sure I am doing something for my own healing and recovery.

Things like reading a book on narcissistic abuse, writing, taking a hot bath, going for a walk, listening to podcasts or YouTube videos on how to recover from narcissistic abuse, art therapy, listening to music, spending time in nature, watching a funny movie. , talk to a friend, paint my nails, have a good cup of coffee, anything that brings you joy and comfort is self-care. You can add your own unique things to this list. Taking the time to take care of yourself will be a big step forward in your own Healing. We must learn to make ourselves a priority again. Because ultimately the most important relationship you will have is the relationship you have with yourself. You deserve to be treated with respect. So start by treating yourself with respect first.

Sending Light, Love and peace your way.

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