Make a Fortune in Food – Earn $8,000 a Month Growing and Selling Your Own Spices and Herbs for Fun

One of the easiest ways to make boring food taste great is to add a seasoning: a spice or herb. A little dill here, a lot of basil there. Coriander, cumin and very healthy spices like turmeric have been around for centuries helping to improve the taste of food all over the world. The spices are so popular that ground black pepper is found on almost every restaurant table in the United States.

Are you looking for a way to spice up your bank account? How about a business selling herbs and spices? To do this, you will need to learn how to grow things that can be sold and eaten. A consumables business is usually a good market. Plus, you don’t have to travel by boat to bring spices to your customers.

With hard work and diligence, you can earn the crown jewel of a business. Your first investment will be in a place where you can properly grow your spices or herbs. You can start small, but keep in mind that this is the heart of your business. A small greenhouse is a great start. If you live in the south, you can get free bay leaves from bay trees that are abundant in the area.

Their goal is to sell fresh, preserved and dried seeds, plants, parts of plants and herbs. With the high cost of spices and herbs on the market, you have an opportunity to create a premium product, target some unique markets, and capitalize on the sale of herbs and spices.

Maybe you want to create the Party Spice Kit and sell spices that are perfect to complement snacks like popcorn, chips, nuts, or even sauces, dressings, and sandwich spreads. Regardless of your market, a fortune can be made improving food.

You might want to focus on a set of herbs and spices that are HOT and sell a set of mixed varieties for $99. Sell ​​10 of these sets a week and you’ll earn $1,000 a week and $4,000 a month; not a bad start. How about UPGRADING this unique spice set by designing a unique spice rack and selling them with your spices and herbs as a set for $200 each? You sell 10 games a week and you’re making $2,000 a week, which means you make $8,000 a month. Throw in a book or other perks, and you’re on your way to making a fortune in food.

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