Quick fixes and kitchen fresheners

Kitchens are often the most mistreating and wearing out of any room in our homes. They are also often the last room we think of redecorating because “only” you see it. Your kitchen should be as fabulous as you are, encouraging culinary creativity, great conversation, and expressing your personality. Here are some of my tips for quick and easy “fresheners” that will transform your kitchen from blah to hooray for under $100.
Paint: the essential ingredient in a clean and fresh kitchen.

If your walls are dirty and stained, you won’t feel fabulous cooking or conversing in the kitchen. Simply put, paint is the most versatile decorating tool available that can so easily transform a space while being so affordable. Paint your walls in a new and exquisite color; my favorites right now are the saffron yellows, celery greens, and rich, warm egg custards for the kitchen. A new color will go a long way to brighten and brighten your kitchen. When you’re done with the walls, ceilings, and trim, don’t forget about the cabinets. Give them a whole new look. Try painting your island or peninsula one color (perhaps a rich chocolate) and your wall cabinets another color (a warm cream). Melamine paint is best for kitchen cabinets as it is highly durable and easy to clean. Don’t feel limited; almost everything can be painted with the right primer and a little prep work.
splash guard.

Think of your backsplash as the finishing touch to a really cool outfit. It should be sexy and elegant, yet functional and easy to maintain. By changing or updating your backsplash, you will completely elevate the look of your kitchen. For a fresh and retro look try using white ceramic tile, it is readily available, very inexpensive and easy to install. Another favorite of mine (although a bit more expensive) is to use stone tiles with a pillow edge. This will give your kitchen a grand and regal feel. Or if you’re feeling sexy and fancy, go to a metal wholesaler (with your exact measurements) and try using some brushed stainless steel panels, you’ll be the talk of your neighborhood.
Cabinet hardware.

By changing your hardware, you can transform a boring kitchen into something sexy and eye-catching. I recommend making a statement: try using oversized (12″ or 16″) stainless steel rod pulls on all your cabinets for a sleek and sexy designer look. Other options might be to go to a salvage store and find real vintage glass knobs or bone pulls. You can literally get hundreds of great designs, just go on a prowl and find something that captures your imagination.
Accessories and Furniture.

The biggest culprit in thwarting a new kitchen makeover is clutter, or as I say, edit-edit-edit. Chances are if you haven’t touched the bread machine in three years, you don’t need it! Put away all the junk clutter, bad gifts and hodgepodge designs. Remove everything from your counters, and then put back only the things you use most often and find a home for the rest. Then, add a few design elements to the space, like an oversized mason jar filled with fresh ingredients, and when possible, update some of your countertop appliances with sleek new stainless steel models.

Window treatments.

With the incredible variety and availability of attractive new window treatments, you can find the perfect complement to any décor. Try the classic zen-feeling burnt matchstick wood shutters, or my favorite fresh clean roman blinds. Spend a weekend and clean, prep, paint and design your fresh new kitchen. You will be amazed at the difference it makes not only in the enjoyment of your home, but also in how it makes you feel. Isn’t it time to feel sexy, fresh and new?

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