Has your game come to a standstill or are you growing increasingly frustrated with the wonderful sport of darts? It can be particularly annoying if you’re putting in the hours on the practice board, but don’t see the progress you expected. Even small changes to your shooting or practice routine can have a big impact on your game.

How to get better at darts

Here are some simple darts tips that will give your game a real boost:

1. Throw your darts with rhythm

You may think that a slow, deliberate throw will be more effective when you’re fully focused, however, that’s not always the case. If you throw the darts too slowly, your throw can become unnatural and disjointed. Don’t rush your throw, but try to find a decent, smooth rhythm for your throwing action that can be easily replicated over and over again.

2. Stand still at launch

Any body movement in your dart throw (other than your throwing arm) will alter the trajectory and final destination of the dart. You will never get a true consistency as you contract when you release the dart. You must be well balanced while throwing and the only movement should come from your throwing arm.

3. Become an expert at hitting doubles

There’s an old saying in darts that goes “treble for show and double for batter”. Your double hit rate to darts thrown at you will have a dramatic effect on your success. If you look at the pros, they go for their favorite double over and over again. This is great as you become so confident and start hitting him regularly. However, you should practice multiple doubles, as you don’t always get a chance to go out on the same double. Also practice your doubles down to the smallest denominator, for example double 16, 8, 4 and 2 or double 40, 20, 10 and 5. These are the doubles you’ll need to hit when you land on the single number, so be efficient at all of them.

4. Make every dart count

Don’t throw darts in anger when things don’t go your way. Sometimes when he keeps missing or is really struggling, it can be easy to quickly throw a weird dart out of anger. Refocus before each dart and give them your full concentration, you can’t afford to waste darts.

5. Expect better results

Exercise positive thinking and throw with confidence. Many players are defeated alone before reaching the board. Visualize winning and playing a very strong game before you start. When going for your doubles and triples, shoot with confidence and expect to hit them every time.

Now that I have shown you how to get better at darts, just follow these darts tips and level up your game.

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