How long should I wait before calling my ex?

Getting back with someone who broke up with you is truly an art form. It requires skill and luck, patience, perseverance and knowledge.

Above all, it requires close Perfect moment.

Knowing when you should get back in touch with an ex-boyfriend is a tricky thing. You want to leave him alone for a while, so he can miss you, but you also want to stay in the back of his mind.

Wait too long to get back in touch after the breakup and you could lose him forever. But trying to call or contact too soon? Well, that will surely drive you hard in the opposite direction.

so when they can do you call your ex? How long should you wait before texting or contacting him again? Is there a hard and fast rule?

Even better, are there ways to make HIM call YOU?

Why it’s important to have no contact after a breakup

Right now you are probably going through one of the worst heartbreaks of your life. You’re nothungry. You are not interested in anything. All you can think about is your ex boyfriend and how lonely she feels without him.

That’s because you MISS it.

In order for your ex to love you back, he or she will first have to miss you. And to miss you, guess what?

You’re going to have to go.

It only makes sense: If you’re still hanging around, if you’re still visually and emotionally available, if you’re still trying to call, contact, or text your ex boyfriend, chances are good that he doesn’t miss you. absolutely. That’s because he still has you. One way or another.

Now let’s say you haven’t called your ex at all. You didn’t run to Facebook to change your status, like a dumped ex-lover. You haven’t been stalking his Facebook page, or liking his posts, or checking his Instagram or any of the things you used to do when the two of you were together.

Your boyfriend, of course, knows. That’s because after the breakup, he’s looking at you. Knowing that you still love him is comforting to him. But he doesn’t see you at all? he’s awkward, disturbing, and over time can even make you question your decision to break up.

This is what you want. By creating doubt in your ex boyfriend’s mind, you create value. Suddenly, you’re a commodity that I probably should have kept. Over time, he realizes that he should never have let you go.

Rekindle old feelings after the no contact phase

If you think about the origins of your relationship, you will remember a time when everything was gold. You and your boyfriend never fought. You couldn’t bear to be apart from each other. You two texted and called each other all the time, he did sweet things for you and every time you fell into bed you had amazing sex.

This stage of romance is where the two of you forged deep connections and emotional bonds. Those kinds of feelings blossomed as they continued to see each other. They took root. They formed the very basis of the relationship.

Now, when did your boyfriend break up with you? It is not because these connections have suddenly evaporated. They did not disappear overnight; in fact, they did not disappear at all. Your boyfriend BURIED THEM in light of his decision to break up.

Burying these feelings does not kill them completely. Over time, yes, but not in the days or weeks following your breakup. Your ex intentionally does NOT call you and does NOT see you because any type of contact would only rekindle those feelings.

But wait… isn’t this a good thing?

No, not if you want it back.

Throwing those emotional connections in your boyfriend’s face is only going to piss him off right now. Right now, in his book, any effort like that on his part is purely selfish. You’re throwing those things at him to MAKE him love you. Not only that No work, but in all honesty, you don’t want to “force” your boyfriend to do anything.

do you want me to do it come to those conclusions on your own.

Any new relationship you have with your ex boyfriend should be based on what he think be your terms. With a little knowledge of how to do this and a little practice, you can manipulate it into thinking this way.

There are fast-forward techniques you can use to speed up the build process, but only if you implement them subtly. They must be used carefully and must be executed at exactly the right time.

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