How high should church chairs be safely stacked?

Stackable chairs are a great option for churches as they are versatile, lightweight and easy to store away when not in use. They also allow much more space available in multi-purpose rooms. However, they can create a hazard if not stacked and stored properly. Here are some tips for stacking your church chairs safely and efficiently:

Consider the type of chair
There are many different types of church seating available to choose from, and each style will have different stacking considerations. The resistant, functional and economical church chairs are available with a high back, a steel frame with a polyresin seat, wood, fabric upholstered, padded and ergonomic. Whether or not chairs have arms and thick padding will also affect how they stack.

Heavily padded chairs should not be stacked too high, as they will start to lean forward. The church seats can be comfortably stacked seven to eight chairs high or at eye level.

When selecting seating types for your church, specification lists and reviews will usually include all of the relevant information. Companies that specialize in church and banquet chairs will be able to help you decide which style best suits your church’s needs and budget, as well as any safety considerations.

How to stack chairs correctly
Regardless of the style of chair, stacking should always be done on level ground and in a safe area where people won’t trip over it or move around it frequently. Children should never be allowed to play near or climb on stacked chairs.

Check the manufacturer’s information to make sure your chairs are designed to be stacked. This will prevent damaging them or creating an unstable stack. If they have armrests, start stacking by holding them by the armrests. Chairs without arms must be lifted and supported from the bottom of the seat. Place the two rear legs of the second chair directly over the rear legs of the first chair in the stack, then slide the chair down. The bottom of the second chair will sit on the seat of the first. When bending over to lift chairs, do so from your legs, not your back, to avoid back strain.

Don’t stack them too high
For thickly padded church chairs, a stack of seven or eight chairs is a good height. Some especially large styles may limit stacks to about five or six chairs. The thinnest padded vinyl, molded plastic, or metal chairs can be safely stacked up to a height of approximately 10 chairs. Use good judgment and do not allow stacks to tilt or exceed eye level. The higher they are stacked, the more likely they are to fall over. Stacking seats too high also increases back strain.

Stackable chairs are great options for churches because they are easy to move, versatile, and allow for more space in multi-purpose rooms. They come in a variety of styles that affect how high the chairs can be stacked. You should always remember to use common sense when stacking your church chairs to avoid injury to yourself or others.

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