Well, let’s start with the amazing story of

Robbie and how a little-known writing from the book

of Galatians healed him of cancer –

after the doctors had given him only

6 months of life !!

Clever? Here we go …

Robbie at 45 was diagnosed with terminal

cancer several years ago and was given only

6 months of life. He and his wife Nancy,

resigned to this fate, and retired to a

small community to wait for the end.

They were Christians. They believed the Bible.

So instead of blaming God like so many in this

type of situation, they decided

that they were going to study the scripture

and pray until the end.

An old story remembered

But Nancy also remembered a story that had

read years ago. It was about a certain

missionary in the jungles of Africa who

contracted a fatal disease and was

left to die. After a week of intense

suffering and pain, had a dream.

In the dream, he saw his Bible open to a certain

chapter and two scripture verses highlighted

in red. Woke up, managed to open his bible

to that chapter and painfully copied the

two verses.

Scripture verses in action

Every few hours I prayed using those two verses.

The pains tormented him. On the third day,

fell asleep after prayers,

as always. Many hours later, he was awakened by

a hideous sound: the roar of a lion. The jump

He stood up and started running blindly for a while.

Then it stopped.

Suddenly he realized that he was completely healed …

I didn’t feel any trace of pain!

Nancy remembered this story vividly and

Hope began to rise in her that God could

She also intervened and saved her husband’s life.


So they continued praising God,

even in this circumstance. They kept to the right

thanking you. And they kept praying.

Then it happened.

During prayer one night,

a scripture verse kept coming in Philippians

in Robbie’s mind. To her surprise, Nancy

stopped abruptly after a few minutes and announced

she was going to look for a verse that would have been

blinking in their mind since they started praying.

Guess what? It was exactly the same verse

what Robbie was thinking. They opened

the Bible, I found it and started using it

every day in prayer.

The miracle begins

The 6 months came and went. Robbie was still alive.

In fact, it seemed to be improving and

better every day.

One year. Two years …

Robbie was back on his feet.

He even went back to his old job for a while.

Five years later, he retired to become a

missionary time. He’s still on the mission field

a decade after he was supposed to be dead of

Terminal cancer!

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Be blessed!

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