Creation of local quotes

When it comes to local SEO, there are three important things Google takes into account: how long your business or domain has been around, links or citations to your website, and reviews. Although getting links is important, including local citations is essential for Google to know your location. You must have local addresses or citations that point to your website, which must include consistent information: contact number, address and email, among others.

To do this correctly, you can use a tool like White Spark / Moz Local. On the other hand, if you prefer to do it yourself, you can use an automated directory solution. However, you can get a better result with tools like White Spark / Moz, as well as our own SEO services that manually perform each and every local appointment.

Create local editorial links

Apart from citations, you should also have editorial links that do not include nofollow tags. All directories / citations include their outbound links as rel = “nofollow”, instructing Google not to crawl the link to your website. So you must get tracking links to your website. You can find very important local sites, such as local blogs or national blogs, related to your industry. In this way, Google can provide you with results from sites that allow writers to contribute. Next, email them and secure a spot and then write content for them. Although they often don’t follow the links in your bio, your articles may link back to your actual site.

Create social media signals

This is very different from just doing social media. First, you need to post your blogs on your social media platforms, and then build relationships with your target market. Promote content to website visitors by retargeting, promoting it to people within your area (note: it is imperative to use great content, so if you haven’t created it, start now) and use all possible advertising tools to Get likes, views and shares for your content. This allows Google to see that people are talking about you and that your content is a good source of keywords to include.

Get feedback

User-generated content is among the top three things Google examines. They want to distinguish the things that viewers say about you. So be sure to send them to your Google+ and Yelp pages to write their reviews, then search for review sites in your niche by searching using their keywords and “reviews.” When you get real, great and positive reviews, Google will rate your website over others, as long as you have the other important parts – links / quotes, plus how long it has been active.

Measure your traffic

As you apply these strategies, remember to measure your traffic to compare your progress. Use Google Analytics and webmaster tools to segment your organic search traffic. When your traffic, rankings and sales increase, you can be sure that your local SEO campaign is thriving.

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