SMO task rules

Social media optimization occupies the main role in digital marketing campaign. Social is the place where your target audience presents itself in good volume. A well-designed and well-executed SMO can go a long way toward achieving success in your digital marketing campaign. It is difficult to see SMM (Social Media Marketing) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) as a separate entity as they both go hand in hand. Here, it is imperative to carry out your SMO task in strict adherence to certain rules and good practices. Let’s look at some of those SMO task rules in detail:

1. Networking and sharing: Your social media optimization is mostly about networking in good volume and adds it additionally with good quality sharing content. More numbers of your connections will receive an instant notification as soon as you share some content. When someone likes your content and that will be notified to your connections so that your content to share gets more visibility. Here, obviously, your good quality content deserves to be shared from your connections to your network. Therefore, your SMO task must strictly follow this rule of having the number of connections and there must be activity exchanging your content from your connections. This will ensure wide visibility for you or your brand or your product or your service.

2. Tag and share: On social platforms, it is common practice for users to tag their connections or friends to view the content. Similarly, there is a possibility that some of your connections tend to share it on their network when they feel that the content deserves their attention. So, make sure your shared content is easy and convenient to tag and share. This is another rule of thumb of the SMO task that is best practiced.

3. Rewarding engagement: It is important on the social platform to be attentive to your connections and their actions. Make them feel special by talking about their actions immediately or quickly. In this context, it is good to reward the commitment that comes from your connections. In this case, it doesn’t have to be a reward and conveying gratitude in the form of appreciation can also be appreciated for your connection. You will constantly keep the engagement intact in your campaign.

Four. Proactive sharing: Proactive sharing is about being active on other similar media too, like the Scribd RSS feed, Tumblr, and a few more. Similarly, it is also a proactive measure to keep your content in various other formats, such as slides, images, and infographics. For example, some of your connections hate textual content; they can then quickly connect to other formats to instantly participate by tagging and sharing. This is another rule of your SMO to speak their language, it means understanding their interest and customizing your content accordingly.

5. Crush: Adding and encouraging your contacts to participate in your activity can make them more attentive and absorbed in you in the long run. Mashup is the best rule you can apply to your SMO. Let your connections take your content and add it with their own interesting flavor like voice, music, and something else. Even though the content is yours, your users will try to own it by mixing it up. This type of ownership further motivates them to tag and share more, which can be a huge plus for your SMO campaign.

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