List of Mining Companies

The mining industry in Sudan is largely based on the extraction of fuel minerals. In the past, the country derived a substantial portion of its economy from petroleum. However, since July 2011, the country has become independent from the former Southern Sudan. This has resulted in the rapid decline of the industry.

Mining Companies in Sudan

The country has faced a range of challenges in the past. It is currently subject to an American embargo and its regime has a history of changing its attitudes to foreign investment. The country has important links with both China and the Muslim world. However, it has been difficult for Western companies to make investments in the country.

A majority of the country’s non-petroleum mining activities are pursued by international joint ventures, which usually include local players. Most of these partners are closely linked to the ruling elites and their supporters. This practice is not uncommon in African extractive industries, but it can lead to conflict when international companies decide to invest in conflict zones.

List of Mining Companies in Sudan

The AMC produced 982 kilograms of aluminum in 1991 and later formed a model village in the area where they operate. The company also provided sanitary, educational, and health services to the local community. The company contributed heavily to the economy of Sudan, and in 2001 employed around 1,000 people, of which 97 percent were Sudanese. The company’s investors included the French company COMPINOR and the Sudanese government.

Biggest mining companies in Sudan

The South Sudan government began reforming the mining industry in 2012, but the regulatory environment was still weak, leaving it vulnerable to corruption. The President’s daughter owns a company with three active mining licenses, and the former vice president’s son is listed as a shareholder. In October 2019, Ashraf Seed Ahmed Hussein Ali was placed under Global Magnitsky sanctions for his involvement in the mining industry.

Sudanese mining companies

There are several international mining companies in Sudan, and some local companies are operating in the region. The government is trying to implement regulations to ensure safety for the industry, but most operations are crude and rely on traditional methods to extract the precious metals. As a result, accidents often occur, and in one case, 60 miners were killed when a tunnel collapsed. Furthermore, the extraction of gold is dangerous and causes high rates of cancer among workers.

Sudan has a large amount of gold and is the second-largest producer in Africa. During the early years of the new century, the country’s gold exports declined significantly. They totaled 10,594 tons in 1999, and the number of gold exports has been increasing steadily since. In September 2012, the first gold refinery in the country opened.

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