Fees for college umpires vary substantially depending on the level and location of the game. At the highest level, NCAA Division I, a three-man umpire team will be assigned to cover a series with paid meals and lodging, and mileage reimbursement. Additionally, each crew member will be paid between $ 150 and $ 350 per day. For example, if the team works on a single nine-inning game, the pay may be $ 150. If the team works on two seven-inning games, the pay may be $ 250.

NAIA generally pays less as does junior college. For junior college games, the payout is about $ 100 for a single nine-inning game and roughly $ 150 for two seven-inning games. Miles are generally not paid to juco referees.

As a general rule, summer college pays even less. Typically, the range is $ 70 to $ 120 per game without mileage, per diem, or accommodation.

College teams will play 50-60 games, February through June (if they’re lucky). Summer college leagues play 40-50 games and begin early to mid-June and last through August 1. Fall ball is hit or miss and the payout is greatly reduced.

College umpiring is the highest level of amateur umpiring and the competition is fierce. Most of these umpires have extremely impressive credentials including professional experience and professional training (i.e. umpire school). The best way to start your career as a collegiate referee is to be noticed by the college conference referees assignor. Usually this is done in a camp where you are evaluated or sometimes by association and recommendation of other referees.

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