I see it all the time, a novel idea, a passionate team, the illusion of the market, an unsophisticated investor and the numbers … that show the ineffable reality that the business is failing – Alternative facts perhaps.

The MAIN reason entrepreneurs or small business owners dislike business plans is that they are not flexible enough to help them find other ways to get more money.

They are stuck following a PLAN instead of developing a MODEL.

One of the best ways to get out of the business model trap is to create a culture that welcomes money. Not at the expense of others, but WITH the intention of creating value and capturing some of that value. It works perfectly.

There are many ways to get more money. Here’s a list from a 7-year-old:

  • Start a band
  • Make choirs
  • % 87 ^ & $ ^) (# & (# @ & 5
  • Mayka Lemen Ade Support

The writings of a 7-year-old boy sum it up. If you want to do something, you need resources. Either if you own them or if you use them. To get those resources you need ingenuity, innovation, charisma, attention to detail, knowledge … You need none of this, but nothing if you don’t act.

The main problem with the business model is that it generally represents a highly explored ideal BEFORE action is taken. Reality sinks in and we get stuck in a pre-spin mode until something happens. The moment comes when the cocoon can no longer keep the petals hidden, the cloud cannot contain the water, the ideas cannot be closed. The main question then becomes how to move that energy forward, how to channel those thoughts, how to build a solid but flexible foundation for a business.

And this is where business models work best. 1-2-3-4 Steps to help you and your team navigate through the business puzzle and create or transform your business so you are energized, inspired, and ready to take the right action.

Four steps to a business model

Find your once in a lifetime gift.

What are you here to do, what do you enjoy the most, how do you put it at the service of others, how do you maintain the internal locus of control, knowing that your inner voice is at the center of your business?

Find your ideal clients and create an offer for them. Those who need your offers and get rid of those who don’t. By focusing solely on the clients you love to work with, you can focus your energy and attention, and your company’s resources, on those clients. Expect a reward from your offers that will meet your financial needs. Establish a connection between your customers and those who need to get your message across to their customers.

Establish the processes that will make your business flow.

Organize your activities in marketing, operations, delivery, administration and contemplation. No business can survive without inefficiencies, but no business can survive without processes. Give yourself practical elements, early wins, and long-term goals, so you’re not afraid to take small steps in the wrong direction. Make a couple of milestones … in terms of customers, revenue, and costs. And then multiply your income by 10 or 100 and watch a new world of possibilities emerge. There is nothing inspiring about thinking small. Small steps will get you to the stars if you go in the right direction, even taking a lift on a SpaceX test rocket! (find right-thinking partners, get an advisory council).

Keep score.

Money is the lifeblood of any business, keep it healthy. Focus on ways to make money doing what you love, working with who you love, growing as you gain experience, abandoning what you think isn’t working, including clients you don’t like to work with or can’t help with. , invest in yourself and your business, seek sponsors, and most of all, keep the numbers clean.

A business plan is an excellent guide for strategic planning, it helps you organize your ideas and relate them to others, it helps you avoid some mistakes, communicate your goals, evaluate your rewards and commitments, but, like DNA (genetic code) it is a recipe and may not have all the ingredients you need. What you do with it will largely depend on what you have available.

A business PLAN becomes obsolete almost as soon as it is finalized.

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