A Chihuahua is not that difficult to potty train. Some people believe that a Chihuahua is actually easier to train than most other breeds. These little guys are very smart despite their small size. They are eager to please their owner and will pick up commands quickly. The key to successful toilet training for Chihuahuas is to be consistent. Once you choose your method for potty training, stick with this method so you don’t confuse your dog.

The first decision you need to make is where you want your Chihuahua to relieve himself. Some people prefer to train their chihuahua to go in a litter box. This is very convenient and makes cleaning easy. If you have your own yard, it may be best to train your dog to go outside. Once you’ve decided where you want it to go, keep the following in mind as you train.

You can start potty training a Chihuahua between eight and twelve weeks of age. Remember that a puppy has a small bladder and therefore cannot hold urine for very long. A good rule of thumb to remember is that a Chihuahua can hold urine for one hour per month of age. For example, a three-month-old Chihuahua should be able to hold it for three hours. The maximum time an adult Chihuahua can go without relieving himself is six to eight hours.

There are three critical times when you need to take your pup to the intended disposal site. You should take him outside or to the litter box ten to fifteen minutes after he eats. You should take him to the disposal site immediately after he wakes up from a nap or immediately after he is released from his cage. Be sure to praise him when he goes where he’s supposed to.

Most people will use box training. This is a simple method of Chihuahua house training. Just be aware that your dog will have accidents in his crate at first. It is important that you clean the box thoroughly after each accident. Always take your Chihuahua where you want him to go immediately after letting him out of the crate.

One method of home invasion that some people prefer is called the umbilical method. This involves getting a leash and attaching one end to the belt loop and the other to your pup. You can move around the house and always be aware of your little one. Just be careful not to move too fast! You can take it to the planned disposal site every hour or so. You will soon know where you are expected to go.

Potty training Chihuahuas is not difficult. You must remember to be constant and above all to be patient. Some Chihuahuas can be potty trained right away, while others may take a few months.

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