Having established that an adequate and up-to-date knowledge is necessary to be successful in online business, I want to take this opportunity to take a further step in solving the strange question of my friend whom I said in the first part of this article he asked me frustration written all over her face this astonishing question “why can’t I succeed in online business?”.

I like to quickly add here that online success depends not only on business knowledge, but also depends on other factors at the same time, the main one of these factors being online coaching or mentoring.

Let me clearly state here that no man is an island in the school of knowledge, each man’s success is designed to depend on the soldier of the men who have passed before him.

This is the reason why it is known that every great talent has a coach, no one has become great on their own and by themselves.

I like the word of the renowned online marketer and traffic exchanger, Mark Widawer on the subject of mentoring, he said and I quote: “It doesn’t matter what field they are in or how long they have been in it. People who are successful, whether they are beginners. Ranks, passionate intermediate or committed experts, EVERYONE has coaches. “

He said that he interviewed some people who did it online a few years ago to learn the secrets to their success, he said that each of them identified different things as the key to their success, but that they all had one thing in common, “I ALL They said someone else showed them those secrets. “

Even the word of God made it clear that the useful elements of life are hidden in secrets, which are made known only when they are revealed. This is why discovery is needed to recover.

It means then that recovery becomes easy when the footsteps of the people who have already discovered are carefully followed.

When a man was asked to reveal the greatest secret of his success, he replied that it was all because he had relied on the soldiers of those who had gone before him.

There is no faster approach to success online and in life in general than following closely in the footsteps or relying entirely on the soldiers of those whose experience in their chosen field of activity has earned them the dream they desire.

I think this explains why all athletes usually have a coach.

Mark Widawer has this to say as I quote: “Michael Jordan is arguably one of the greatest basketball players of all time. He also had a coach … throughout his entire career. He is the same coach that Kobe Bryant has right now, Phil Jackson “.

Every man known today as an online success has the testimony of a mentor behind his stories.

People with notable accomplishments in online business like Stone Evans, Gerry Carson, Dustin Cannon, Jeff Shuman, Jeff Herring, and many more who cannot be mentioned had one person or another as the brains behind their successes.

If every successful online marketer achieved their desired success through the tutelage of an online coach, how do you think you will get yours without the need for one?

I also got lost in the field sometimes not knowing how to make the first penny. I tried all the businesses that my financial and geographical situation allowed me to do, I spent everything I had and was on the verge of bankruptcy, but I was very far from making money. Every time I tried to quit smoking, I usually came across news of one man or another somewhere that he was making a lot of money online.

Usually encouraged by their stories, I tried to join the same business that they did it through in the hope that it would give me a different and always smiling experience. My enthusiasm usually continues for a few months until they let me know that I was still in the same rotten circle as ever.

I was hurting and smiling at all of this for God knows how long until one day I contacted my online mentor.

From that day on, my online story began to change from nothing to something and from zero to surplus.

My heartfelt and heartfelt advice to everyone who wants to be successful in online business, therefore, is that the path to online success cannot be walked alone. Success online depends on who you follow.

I want to believe that this is also the reason why Master had to tell his disciples in a clean and clear term, follow me and I will …

Even nature teaches that man is the product of whoever follows, that is why a proverb in my dialect says “aguntan to ba baja rin yio jegbe”. This means that a sheep walking with a dog will end up feasting on manure.

The company you keep will go a long way in determining how high you reached. After all, bad communication corrupts good manners.

I urge you to find a mentor today and start your online business in the realm of unlimited potentials.

See you up

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