Best Dynasty Football Ranking

For fantasy football, who has the best dynasty football ranking? The dynasty rankings are a useful guide for players and owners to use for making their rosters. However, they are not definitive and should only be used as a general guide. For example, a veteran ranked lower than a young prospect could still be worth acquiring in a trade for a team with high hopes. Similarly, a high-soil prospect could make sense for a team in need of a rebuild.

One player that has plenty of fantasy Dynasty startup rankings upside is Dalvin Cook. He is only 25 years old and has the ability to become a WR1 in dynasty leagues. His talent and hard work will pay off in the near future, when he becomes an NFL starter. Moreover, with a gun-slinging QB like Matt Ryan, he will be able to continue to throw to him and will likely end up with at least 1,000 yards. That would put him nearly at the top of Vikings history.

Andrews is another player with dynasty upside. He’s an elite TE in the short term, while Pitts is a top RB in dynasty. However, his long-term ceiling is lowered due to McKissic’s re-signing with WAS. While Hill and Adams are still elite players, their QBs are uncertain, so a dynasty owner should consider a more balanced RB in that position.

Who Has the Best Dynasty Football Ranking?

Harris is another running back that has dynasty value. He has great potential, but will need a better Giants team and a healthy RB to be a top RB in dynasty football. He should continue to grow and produce in 2020 despite the injury he suffered in 2020. Meanwhile, Swift is a 22-year-old RB who split the field with rookie RB Rhamandre Stevenson in his rookie year. His combined stats of 1,331 yards and ten touchdowns are dynasty value, making him a dynasty RB2 every week.

In dynasty leagues, you can build your team around the age of a player. A young, productive veteran is always more desirable than an average rookie. It’s easy to trade a productive veteran for a mildly productive rookie, but a premium player has better value in dynasty. Moreover, dynasty leagues are infinite, and the season you draft is the most important one. The task of projecting a player’s performance in year N+1 is difficult, and can take several seasons.

While it’s tempting to buy a rookie from a dynasty league, it’s important to consider his health and potential in the NFL. Despite his youth, Sanders is a highly productive dynasty wide receiver, with a high PPR value. His dynasty fantasy production in 2021 was only moderate and his injury-ridden season in 2021. The Eagles’ first-round pick in 2020, he’ll likely be the top dynasty wide receiver in 2022.

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