New books can be expensive, especially depending on the topics they cover. However, a reading enthusiast will continue to buy books as long as they can to enjoy a good read. In modern life, it is possible to read books from tablets or even from laptops. However, this is not compared to having a tangible book that you can refer to as many times as possible in the future. Getting a useful book is even easier, as it is now possible to download the books. In fact, there are sites that will give you access to download free new books that you like best. These are some of the top websites that you can use to get your favorite readings.

This website offers Nook textbook downloads. These books resemble real paperbacks in appearance, pictures, and sizes. They are organized into categories for your convenience and you can browse them to find your favorite books to download. Even when you choose a book that is charged from their site, you will first enjoy a free sample, after which you can decide whether to proceed with the download or not. The textbooks are in different languages ​​and genres. However, there are not many free books on the website.

This is another great website to download books with a simple click. Most of the books on this site are about improving skills and studying, and the advantage is that you can download all the books in a certain category with a simple click. However, you may need to subscribe to the newsletters to manage the download of the books. Those looking for excellent college books will find the site quite useful.

It has large volumes of books that are grouped into recommendations, genres, and popularity to make it easier for you to find the most suitable books for your use. If you look at the reviews of other readers, you will be able to reserve one. You are also free to leave your review for disputable narratives. Every book on the website comes with complete data, so it is very easy to make a decision among the many options you have.


The interface is the most striking feature of this website. It is designed to provide an enjoyable search experience for the perfect books. It also offers detailed information on every piece of literature it has to offer. Newbie writers will find the website a great place to start creating a book and making it popular in a short amount of time. You must register to gain access or purchase the books that interest you.

The ease of navigation that the website offers is perhaps what sets it apart. The sitemap is very convenient for all users and comes with several different options for downloading books. You’ll find everything from free Kindle books, DVD and CD projects, and audiobooks. It is the perfect site for devoted readers who do not care much about details.

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