Where can I drive my kart? Looks illegal in most places

Most people glaze over when they see a kart (that is, people who love karts) and tend to forget where in the world they are going to drive their kart.

Sometimes the images in your mind go to race tracks and passing Ferraris, but “Really now! Are you going to drive this thing on a race track?”

I got this email from a kart reader (and sadly it’s a common question)

Hello, a police officer stopped me for operating my kart on the sidewalk, and said that I could be charged with: operating a vehicle without a license, driving to endanger, driving an uncertified vehicle and told me that I had to be over 18 years to operate anything that runs on gas. Now I understand that I cannot drive a kart anywhere, but where should I go?

Because the question “Where am I going to ride this kart?” Not asked at first, he now has a very depressed individual, who is considering getting rid of the gokart entirely.

One topic is about “Where” and the other about “Age”.

I am not a legal authority, but I can tell you some basics: A = Licensed motorized vehicles are not allowed on roads.

About age, that varies from state to state.

You should check your state’s statutes and codes for legal data verification. Consult a local attorney for that information …

But other than that it’s a good idea to know where this kart will drive.

In your driveway?

On your uncle’s farm?

(Obviously not on the street because that is against the law)

In the cornfields?

In your yard?

Do you have a yard big enough to ride a go-kart?

Are your laws against go-karts in your neighborhood?

Do you have permission to ride it in the parking lot across the street?

Riding in a kart involves more than you do in a gokart.

It affects the people around you in the following ways:

– A kart is a driving projectile.

– An “unknown talent” is setting your course.

– The thickness is not configured, but it may change from one moment to the next.

In short, a kart accompanied by a driver is like racing with the bulls in Spain.

Those around the kart have no idea if it is going to hit them or not.

So before you get upset about not being able to drive it “anywhere”, keep in mind that the people around you have a burden to bear. A load of concern and care. Will they do it or will they hurt you?

There are legalities

Additionally, the Go Kart is not road legal for a number of reasons, primarily due to its low profile (people can’t see it) and its lack of many other essential road handling and accident prevention components.

This set of questions is probably the most difficult to recognize, because there are many obstacles. And I don’t mean trees and cars, I mean motor vehicle regulations. You can’t just fly down the road with your kart. It sounds like a fun idea, but it is actually dangerous and against the law.

If you end up buying this kart, or even doing so, you may end up with a very depressing set of conclusions:

I can’t ride it anywhere!

And even if I could, I can’t put it in the car to take it where I want to go (it’s too big)!

So ask the question first. Get an answer.

The answer may be as simple as network with a few people to find a place to ride: that is, your uncle’s farm! (but there is also more than your uncle at stake … remember there are 10 questions, not six)

There are several karting clubs and you can join them. You don’t have to be a kart racer to join these clubs, it is just a place where you can enjoy karting. Make sure to contact them in your area before investing in the kart and everything that goes with it (i.e. helmets, gloves, suits, etc.)

And finally, I did some digging on my own about riding gokarts on trails. Usually there are stipulations on what kind of kart can be ridden on a trail. For example, in the state I live in, the trails require the kart to have suspension and a full roll cage from a reputable manufacturer. You will also need to obtain a permit. The age of the drivers is also limited.

So take a look at the ATV trails and see what comes to mind.

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