I have visited many European countries over the last 2-3 years, but none has impressed me as much as Austria for its beauty, its clean and exquisite appearance, its precise people and services and to complete all this, its passion for beauty. and not just any kind of beauty, but an organized, trimmed, clean, precise, sharp beauty.

Some travelers may prefer the wild side of beauty. One of my friends told me that she didn’t like Austria, especially because everything was too sharp, too precise, but for me the organized look made a country that I visited my favorite holiday destination.

And one of the beauties that I admired in Austria was the Pelargonium or Tyrolean geranium. Very few houses in Austria, including the city of Vienna, did not have flowers on the windows. Yet he had never seen so many flowers as in Tirol: Innsbruck, Wattens, Tulfes. Even the local Fire Department had potted flowers outside every window. It is an amazing and inspiring sight as the mountains are close by. The fresh geraniums that bloom almost all year round make for a great sight up close to the snow on the mountain tops.

Waking up as early in the morning as possible allows you to see the mountainous area in all its glory. Fog covers the pine trees, the mountains seem so close to the window almost accessible by hand, and the Tyrolean beauties on every balcony convince visitors to stay at least one more day in the area.

The colors of Tyrolean geraniums range from white to red, pink, purple, and anything in between, and the flowers can be admired from spring to late fall. The look has become an emblem of the region, causing companies that produce and sell plants from all over Europe to include them in their spring catalogs. I’ve also included them on my Spring Garden shopping list for this year.

Tyrolean beauties are not difficult to cultivate; They are strong and robust flowers that don’t need too much attention, just a little fertilizer every now and then to enhance their natural look. Colors can be combined in pots creating a special design.

I highly recommend visiting Austria, especially the mountainous areas near Innsbruck. They are excellent in winter for winter sports, but even more so, the area is special in summer, when the cool environment can make you a Tyrolean “junkie.” The Tyrolean beauties complete the picture and the area would not be the same without them.

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