Everyone has a twin flame. Everyone has an image of their perfect partner in their psyche and can describe it in detail. It is our anima and animus. We project these qualities onto our partners when we fall in love and get married. Most of us unconsciously work with our Twin Flame, but during this generation, some of us meet our incarnated soul mate. Hundreds are coming forward to help raise the vibration of the planet, for they manifest powerful unconditional love.

A person will have a close natural relationship with a soul mate, but meeting your Twin Flame is a different experience. The Twins are here to help release karma at an accelerated rate. Psychologists who advise others (unless they have been through this experience themselves) commonly doubt the validity of a Twin Flame relationship. It is a powerful and magnetic meeting of two polarized parts of the same soul. In other words, you have the same spiritual DNA as your Twin Flame and you recognize yourself in the “other”.

The special event of finding your Twin Flame and harmonizing in a happy relationship is a great challenge. It is a meeting with destiny and an opportunity for rapid spiritual growth. Loving your Twin Flame is an opportunity to experience how intimate relationships will change in the Age of Aquarius. Despite much confusion, overwhelming emotions, and frequent breakups, Twin Flames open their heart chakra wide with each other. Unconditional love radiates through every conflict until harmony can eventually be mastered. These conflicts act as a stimulus to bring each twin’s “shadow” issues to the surface so that the twins can heal and integrate their personalities in a healthier way. If one has a complex or insecurity, the other twin is likely to have the same problem on some level, sometimes the other way around. All wounds must come to the surface to be transformed and healed so that nothing blocks your love for each other.

In the future, important relationships will be based primarily on love, rather than survival or domination needs. This movement towards a preference for love as the basis of marriage has been evolving for hundreds of years in the West. Love is forming the new blueprint for intimacy and supports your partner’s spiritual growth, allowing their talents to fully blossom. Then we can fully explore the true creative potential of the human being, in harmony with the great divine plan.

Twin Flames have a characteristic intensity of passion, desire and excitement, with a mental meeting of minds that is unmatched in any other relationship. In the first meeting between twins, it is often the quality of their voice that is unsettling in some way, indicating that this person is someone very special. You will see fleeting glimpses of yourselves (in them) as you get to know each other better, and first sexual encounters are often very powerful. Kissing can be like a drug.

There are various stages in a Twin Flame relationship that are generally accepted. Their relationship tends to be magnetic, intoxicating, and enlightening; but it’s also a confusing connection to someone who has the Chironic power to hurt you and heal you at the same time. Separations occur because you become aware of some aspect of your dark side and this is reflected back to you from your Twin. They are a mirror of your own soul. This is the most difficult part of the love story to understand. Doing your own shadow work, a key component of Jungian psychology, is mandatory, or you will unknowingly project your dark side onto your partner. Unconditional love, complete acceptance and non-judgment are essential for these couples to succeed. But this is how the new relationship template is built: through these same experiences. If you persevere, you can find true happiness with another human being. To outside observers, it looks like a strange obsessive dance; but for the Twins themselves, the joy and love they feel for each other is infinitely self-generating. It really can feel like a miracle.

The separation process can go on for years as they struggle to harmonize, as it is common for a twin to run away from the relationship repeatedly. Intense emotions often threaten to engulf one or both partners. Breakups can be paralyzing and the intense feelings are often frightening without an understanding of the special dynamics involved. Often a twin may still be entrenched in karmic relationships with others, further complicating matters. All relationships should be handled with respect and resolved in the best way for all parties involved, so that no more karmic entanglements are created.

Twin Flames’ lives are synchronous and parallel each other very closely. The closest phenomenon we know of to this experience is the birth of identical twins. The psychic connection is just as intense and in fact identical twins can also be Twin Flames, just born into the same family and gender. There will also be opposites with Twin Flames, but they meet in the middle with very similar values. Their close psychic connection allows them to sense each other’s emotions if they pay attention. Their strengths are duplicated, and also their weaknesses, hence the need for personal work. These relationships can often create iconic influence in their immediate social community if they can sustain it, especially with careers in politics or the arts.

Every person has a Twin Flame and if you want to find or work with yours, there are several methods that will help you connect. You can never lose your Twin Flame as they are an essential part of who you are. Relationships are becoming an opportunity to open up self-awareness in a safe environment, and it’s less about “what can you do for me?” An understanding of the unconditional love that Twin Flames bring to the world will help improve everything of your relationships Until now, unconditional love was experienced mainly through a good mother, a child or a pet. Twin Flames are bringing this love into the volatile romantic encounter, changing male and female relationships for the better.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a difficult relationship with a lot of breakups and reunions, it could be Twin Flames. I have written a detailed eBook to help others navigate through these complicated connections – much of the suffering can be avoided. I have been in a successful Twin Flame relationship for 12 years and I write from my own personal experience. Contact me for more information and visit my website to get my e-book or schedule a private phone consultation. Half an hour can do you a world of good!

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