People who come to Jamaica always end up wanting to stay longer than planned, enchanted by its beautiful beaches, rich rainforests, and breathtaking waterfalls, all of which are quite accessible from their Jamaica villa. However, in addition to spectacular natural scenery, the island also has many wonderful elements that keep people coming back to vacation here, year after year.

The coffee

Simply put, their coffee ranks among the best. Jamaican blue coffee, for example, is one of the most expensive and sought-after coffees in the world. Grown in the Blue Mountains region, this coffee is so highly regarded that its name is a protected trademark worldwide. Only coffee certified by the island’s Coffee Industry Board can be labeled as such. Combined with locally grown sugar, it is truly the drink of the coffee gourmand gods. And while you’re at it, try hot chocolate or ‘chocolate tea’, as well as various chocolate products. Waking up to these delicacies in your Jamaican villa is the perfect start to each day.

The food

Who doesn’t love a good meal of jerk chicken (or pork, shrimp, beef, even sausage!), BBQ and pilau or a spicy Jamaican bun? The local cuisine of this island displays a fusion of techniques and flavors from both its indigenous people and its settlers, such as Chinese, Africans and British. Local dishes incorporate the best of local produce and the freshest seafood. Pair them with freshly harvested coconut milk or locally produced rum, add the amazing scenery (on the beach, having a picnic near natural waterfalls, or in your Jamaican villa garden) and the sounds of a local band, and you’ve got the ingredients of a truly unforgettable meal.

The music

There’s nothing quite like the beats and images of a live reggae band, right on the beach outside your Jamaican villa. Drawn to worldwide attention by Bob Marley, reggae, which is widely regarded as the beginning of rap music, is perhaps the most popular of the many musical genres that hail from the island. These genres include mento, ska, rocksteady, and dub, and show influences from music from the USA (especially folk music), Africa, Spain, and other Caribbean islands. Music fans should especially visit the Reggae Explosion museum in Ocho Rios or the Bob Marley museum in Kingston.


The Caribbean offers various sporting opportunities, such as diving, windsurfing, swimming, boating, fishing, tubing or rafting, cycling, and hiking. Some hiking trails may even be connected to your Jamaican villa. Sledding from the Blue Mountains and zip-lining over the rainforest and the Great River are once-in-a-lifetime thrills that cannot be missed. For many sports enthusiasts, however, the biggest draw is the 12 golf courses, especially Montego Bay’s White Witch Golf Club, named after Anne Palmer, which is easily one of the best golf courses in the Caribbean. .

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