Have you ever wanted to throw your cane in the trash?

Do you want to get rid of that thing and never look back?

1. Introduction

Are you so sick of your cane? Do you want to walk without using it to the point of looking for other options? – We can understand where you come from. – Perhaps at the beginning of the rod-finding process, you may have thought that you would focus on the positive aspects. Maybe try to focus on the fashion statement that could be for you. After all, there are some great-looking poles out there. – But after thinking about it, canes can also become annoying. The canes have a purpose, none of us will deny it. However, many people will get tired of holding something when they walk. Also, people can get tired of being labeled as having a disability.

2.) What are the 2 main purposes of a cane?

A.) Improved stability when walking and getting up from a chair

B.) Improved walking speed due to the support they provide.

There may be other purposes for a cane, such as being a fashion statement. However, on a functional level, the letters A and B are usually the case. Wouldn’t you agree?

3.) Alternative to Using a Cane/Cane

To improve stability and walking speed, why not try thinking a little differently? Hey, you can use a cane if you want, but there are other options. For example, orthotic specialists may provide you with an orthosis called an “AFO.” This stands for “ankle foot orthotics”. These orthotics are commonplace in the medical field when people have foot and ankle weakness, or knee weakness as well.

4.) What are the benefits of an AFO?

When you have trouble walking, these braces can help. For example, if you have foot drop, these orthotics will help fix that problem, so it doesn’t become a problem when you walk. They also provide side-to-side stability, while also providing indirect knee support. Some people need knee support while others don’t, but help is there with an AFO if you need it. These brakes can also be billed to personal insurance, which is a bonus. – Not only that, they can also be easily hidden with a pair of pants.

Note: This information is health oriented. Not everyone who uses an AFO will be able to get rid of their cane, but many people can! – Contact your local orthopedic specialist (licensed orthotist) for medical advice on these special types of orthotics.

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