The value of a yard sign

At a recent meeting of local investors, the question was raised, “Should we use a yard sign, even if we only plan to wholesale the property?”

I have a very strong opinion on yard signs.

Yes, you must use a sign at every opportunity.

1. A yard sign is probably the best marketing tool you can use. We have an addendum that we give to vendors that gives us permission to start trading as soon as we have the contract signed. By signing the addendum, you give us permission to put up a lock box on the door and a sign in the yard, as well as to show the property at pre-approved times. Of course they don’t always sign, and when they don’t, we respect that. However, when they sign, we do so immediately.

2. Because neighbors see our signs, they often call to say “can you buy my house too?” or “I have someone who is interested in buying this house from you” (a friend, family member, co-worker). Cues often produce immediate feedback.

3. When doing a rehab, we immediately put up a sign in the yard with a message that says “Coming Soon.” The neighbors are delighted to hear that the house is being renovated and, again, they often have a buyer. Also, people who drive through the neighborhood do so because they have an interest in the area or because they work nearby. A yard sign may be the only way they will know your home is for sale.

4. A sign protects your property. The neighbors call when they see something suspicious: “the lights have been left on in your house”, “your house is running out of water” (yes, we received this call…), “a tree fell on your house” , etc. Of course, it’s not always bad news, but you get the idea.

5. Signs that go up and down quickly, because your property is selling quickly, attract those who are thinking of selling their own home.

6. Also, for years I have said that the number one way we rent property is through yard signs. Don’t underestimate this inexpensive way to get your name and number out to the public.

There is an additional impact if you have more than one session logged out of an area at a time. Just as real estate agents make themselves known in an area, so can you! Signs play an important role in that recognition.

Do you put up posters? Should.

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign!!!

**Side note: The photo above was taken last week at a property we are rehabbing. About 5 days before we finished the property, we took a full price offer because the buyer wanted something in this neighborhood and didn’t want to miss out on this one. Thank God for this sign!

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