How dependent is your success on attitude, thought patterns, and your focus? It seems pretty obvious. However, most people don’t think about it. Long-term success cannot happen without a positive approach, proactivity, a good plan and action.

So ultimately, your success comes from being able to see where you want to go and being willing to step up and take the necessary steps to make it happen. Lasting success is a combination of positive attitude and proactivity. You have to have some skills, obviously. But in reality there is more what happens inside you than what happens around you.

The mental edge

While working out the other day, I was watching ESPN. They were doing an interview with Kobe Bryant. Whether you like the Lakers or not is irrelevant. He is considered the best basketball player today. There are some who would argue at the time, but let’s just say it’s pretty good.

When asked about his success, Kobe said, “Well, I practice a lot. I spend a lot of time practicing every day.” He said: “I take more shots than most people. I work and practice more passing with my teammates. I really work on this game from many angles, every day. I don’t just work on my physical game, I work on my attitude mentally. and I play mind games every day. I enjoy it though. It’s fun, but it’s work, and I take the time to do it. “

He went on to say: “The reason I work so hard is because I don’t want to be disappointed. I never want to say that I didn’t give it my all. I also know that my teammates depend on they’re waiting for Me to be able to make that crucial shot, or make that one. perfect pass that can prepare someone else. “

Kobe said: “I’ve missed a lot of shots. That’s not the point. I also do a lot of clutch shots. At times when it’s absolutely necessary to do them, I can do them. But I do it for myself.” I do that for them. We are a team. We work together. We count on each other and doing those things can really make a difference for our team in the way we play. “

Has this entrepreneurial mindset worked? Well, his multiple championships have a lot to say about it. But the willingness to step up, to be proactive, to take care of himself, to help the people who depend on him, also to step up his game to know the level is absolutely crucial. This attitude is a successful attitude. Use a successful self-talk pattern. And both the positive attitude and the internal dialogue continue non-stop, moment by moment, day by day.

Focus on the positive and separate from the negative

Continued success is no accident. It’s not the end of the world to lose a shot. What is the end of the world is giving up when you missed the shot. You keep shooting. You keep practicing, you try again.

That positive focus, that positive thought pattern, that positive self-talk gives your mind more power. Your neurology works better and helps you transform negative thought patterns and negative habits so that you can move towards an ever better life. You can have the life you want.

Like Kobe, keep practicing, keep going, don’t give up. Just because there are only a few seconds left and you’re down at some points, don’t give up. You don’t have to hit all the baskets, but if you keep shooting, you will make a percentage.

So keep shooting, keep going. In every moment, you can make your relationships, your finances, the type of life you have, your health, better and better. It is a choice of focus and you can do this. Day by day, keep moving, keep moving, don’t give up. Make today a great day!

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