The most popular Halloween costume of 2009

Halloween is the most popular costume day of the year, and this year is no different. Everyone will be looking for the most popular Halloween costume of 2009. If the town you live in has a local Halloween store, you can always stop by and check out the latest available costumes. Another option that doesn’t involve leaving the house is to browse online Halloween costume websites for ideas and selections. It is very likely that you will find the most popular Halloween costume selections online.

Some of the most popular costumes that seem timeless are those of Dracula, witches, tramps, princesses, and firefighters. These costumes are not only easily found, but are some of the easiest to make at home. They usually only require a few accessories to complete the costume. While these costumes may be more traditional, they are still very popular.

For this year, some of the most popular searches have been the Twilight, Star Trek, and Transformers movies. Other popular costumes for 2009 are Michael Jackson and President Obama. The likes of Batman, Indiana Jones, the Joker and Iron Man have remained popular since last year. Two other very popular costume themes that seem almost timeless are those of the 1950s and early 1960s or the peace-loving hippies of late 60’s and 70’s.

This year’s popular group costume themes are from the Twilight and Star Trek movies, the popular TV series The Big Bang Theory, Office, The Family Guy and all CSI’s. Group costumes can be fun for everyone and are very popular. You can find great group costume ideas by searching Halloween websites online or by visiting your local Halloween store.

The key to finding and getting the hottest Halloween costume for 2009 is to start your search early. By starting your search early, you not only have the option of choosing the most popular ones, but you can also have the option of buying the best quality costumes, at the best prices available. Remember to have fun and make this the best Halloween ever.

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