Are you in a relationship with someone who is overly jealous? Maybe when you first got together, jealousy seemed like your lover was really interested in you. Later it started to consume energy. What at first seemed passion has turned into a constant battle. Maybe your partner told you that they had been cheated on by a previous lover. You think it would make sense to feel insecure about someone new.

Over time, this behavior affects you so much that you may be looking for a way out. The jealous lover creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. It is not that you intend to cheat or that you have ever cheated on your partner. But you may be losing the love you once felt. Jealousy is often the result of insecurity. Take a look at this checklist and see if you are dealing with an insecure partner:

* Check my phone to see who I called

* Check my purse or wallet for evidence that I am cheating

* He asks me who I need to smell good when I wear cologne or perfume.

* You don’t want me to wear certain clothes

* He looks at me like a hawk at social gatherings.

* He always wants to do things with me and does not trust me to go out with my friends or colleagues.

* Accuse me of flirting

* Accuses me of cheating

* Follow me when I leave home

* Check the mileage of my car.

* Times from office to home

* I spend too much time defending and explaining my behavior.

* I am constantly trying to calm and reassure my partner.

Be aware that if you are in a relationship with a jealous person and you have done nothing to create those feelings of jealousy (you have not cheated, scandalously flirted, or performed any dishonorable behavior), you may be dealing with a person extremely unsafe. person. What happened in your partner’s past is not your fault, but it will continue to be your problem as long as you are together.

If you are willing to work with your insecure partner to create a more calm and secure relationship, for the good of both of you, it is possible to do so, although it will take some time and energy. The first step is to recognize that there is a problem. My next article will address a few ways that you can achieve this.

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