Nissan has finally done it. With the growing rivalry between Nissan and Porsche, Nissan has won the battle with the highest rated car and the fastest coverage from 0 to 60 miles in just 2.9 seconds. The 2012 Nissan GT-R is a means of automobile transportation to delve into technological advancements in automobiles. During a press release in January 2012 in California, the company promised the world a three-winged drone at the speed of a bee for this car. However, some geeks sin the market, they say it does 0-60 miles in 3 seconds. This makes the album a bit boring, don’t you think?

However, although the car was tested after launch, it did the same from 0 to 60 miles in 2.9 seconds. Journalists were spit in their faces who wrote skeptical articles on the news about their false speed limits. It has a high octane gas pump set with 91 octane to be exact. It has a room temperature pressure of 51 degrees. The clutch got hot, but you have to give the car the benefit of the doubt. The computer system requires a 1.5 mile cooldown before it can run again so the car has to be a bit more techy as shown. It has the following reviews from market researchers and users:

1) It’s called an invincible car. According to Webster online, it is unbeatable so far. It is impossible to overdo it or throw too much. To make sure this check is correct, why not start the engine and set the throttle?

2) However, this car has been reworked, but it is excellent in driving and its interior is luxurious enough. The engine is pure power, the suspension technology is much more revised and faster, the wheels are lighter and the overall design is sporty and executive.

3) Brakes are larger in size and power to provide instant access to hover mode. The stiffer chassis has improved overall performance with improved aerodynamics. The higher the resistance and the increase in the downforce, the better the cooling effect of the motor.

4) The above changes have improved the overall driving characteristics and operation of the car.

5) The launch control debacle is the same, but the price has gone up significantly.

6) The airflow has been redirected to the sides, since in the previous versions it was detached from the front to the back. This gives it a lighter effect to accelerate like an airplane.

7) The rear diffuser has been replaced by a little more power and expanded in its functions. Improves overall airflow over worn parts or components. The outlet in the rear fender is designed to extract air from the rear wheels and the cooling of the brakes is exquisite.

8) The new vents are highly visible to the naked eye on the rear of the rear wheels. The purely cosmetic diameter of the wheels makes loading smooth.

For more specs and features, why not buy the car and take a test drive? It will show you what it is capable of.

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