As you may know, inflatable water games have been around for years, and these games are primarily intended for swimming pools. They are suitable for both children and adults. However, not everyone can play these games in the pools, as you may not have a personal pool in your backyard or it is prohibited to use such games in a public swimming pool in a certain city.

Fortunately, there are rivers all around us. Therefore, you can use inflatable water toys in these water areas. Why not? Nobody will forbid you, and the rivers are spacious, so a large number of people can enjoy playing with these items in the same place. Make sure to use a quiet part of the river because you cannot attach these toys to the surface of the water like you can on land.

In the following text, you can read about the following five inflatable water toys for rivers: the walking water ball, the inflatable water slide, the flying fish, the large air tube and the inflatable water polo field.

Water ball for walking

Have you ever seen an inflatable ball to walk on water? Many people find it very fun to play with such a ball in the river. These balls are made of transparent inflatable materials and there is a special zipper in their construction that allows you to enter the ball. How to use this ball? As you might guess, you have to unzip, get into the ball, close the zipper, and someone else (who doesn’t have the ball) has to inflate it using an appropriate blower, a kind of electric pump. When you move inside the ball, it rotates around its axis and you will “walk” on the surface of the water. A little training is necessary for this action!

Inflatable water slide

There is a wide range of inflatable slides on the market, and some of them are designed for water areas while others are intended for land. When it comes to river water slides, inflatable slides are the best option. Also, some of these slides come with polls in their composition.

Flying Fish Boat

If you have seen a flying fish, you will notice the great similarity between this inflatable boat and the aforementioned fish. Powered by a motor boat, this boat can fly over the river like a real flying fish. It is an incredible experience!

Large air tube

For this large tube, you will need to find rapids on the river. It is designed so that up to seven people can sit on it and enjoy navigating the river. If you don’t like adrenaline activities, you can also use it in calm water areas.

Inflatable water polo field

This is the best water game for those who like to play water polo. An inflatable water polo field consists of air tubes that serve as the goal frame and the edge of the field. You just need to inflate it and put it in the river.

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