Becoming a medical receptionist is not as easy as it sounds. It requires intensive on-the-job training and a skill set that must be inherent to you. These skills will then be honored to provide efficiency in performing the required tasks.

Here are the top five characteristics that a good front desk staff should have:

1. Ability to multitask

As a medical receptionist, you are expected to perform numerous tasks efficiently. You will be asked to process important documents that have something to do with patients’ personal and financial information, as well as their medical history. Other than that, you’ll need to answer phone inquiries, schedule or cancel appointments while greeting walk-in patients. If you fail in any of the tasks assigned to you, the productivity and income of the entire medical clinic you serve will be seriously affected.

2. Flexibility

As a reception staff, you will be subject to rapid changes in patient emotions. You must be enthusiastic to at least reassure patients while they wait for their appointments. You are working in what is considered a “tense environment” because clients only go to any healthcare facility if there is something wrong with their bodies.

Sometimes you may need to contain your emotions when patients express disappointment. You may need to reassure him if patients receive bad news. You are more likely to experience all kinds of emotions every business day, so you need to be flexible enough to handle them all.

3. Confidentiality commitment

All medical records are confidential and as a medical receptionist you should be fully aware of this. There have been cases where a receptionist has violated the privacy rule by accessing patient information and using it to blackmail the victim. So to make sure you are not sued or fired, you need to be ready to commit to 100% confidentiality.

Fortunately, two of the three must-have features mentioned above are programmed into an automated receptionist. The only thing automation cannot do is adapt to a customer’s feelings because it lacks the innate emotions in humans. However, it is very efficient at performing all the other administrative tasks expected of it.

Plus, the scheduled medical receptionist is a profitable way to expand your business. This means that if you don’t have enough staff and don’t have the money right now to hire more people, the system could be your salvation.

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