Stop! 2 proven tips to grow your penis at home (without spending a lot of money)

Are you sick and tired of spending money on penis enlargement products that just don’t work? Or maybe you’ve NEVER spent a dime but you’re thinking about it… and you’re just not sure what (or where) to spend your time, energy and income on. If this is you… my advice is STOP! THERE ARE proven ways to grow your penis at home, without having to waste time with pointless products, or valuable time with scams or other nefarious nonsense.

If you REALLY want big size, the lessons I’ve learned (as someone who has written TONS of men’s health articles and regularly contributes to several popular men’s lifestyle blogs online) are below, and will help you get the types of results you want. . Keep reading… 🙂

Tip #1: You have to understand your anatomy FIRST

What does this mean? Actually, it is quite simple. Most men have NO idea how exactly their anatomy grows. (beyond our teens) If you don’t know HOW to enlarge his penis, he is MUCH more likely to fall victim to promises that don’t work. For me, this was the first thing I did to start seeing big, dramatic results and STOP wasting precious money and time on every promise I found online. Once he learns the landscape, his whole thought process changes and he starts choosing methods that fit SENSE… instead of nonsense… 🙂

Remember: Regardless of the method, your penis grows from tissue expansion and its ability to accommodate more blood in the primary penile chambers. No pill, lotion, or patch will break down and expand the tissue in your anatomy FOR you (just like a patch on your arm won’t make your biceps bigger!) and once you know this… making the RIGHT decisions becomes gets easier quickly.

Tip #2: Natural Enlargement Techniques That Work FAST!

Penis stretches are great for tissue growth. So are jelqing exercises. Anything that applies constant and even pressure to the penis, mainly through the base through the glans, will help you increase its size quickly. Lifting exercises are great too… And easy to do. (plus they’re free!) Simply learning the wide range of natural enlargement exercises that are available is ALL you need for SUPER size…and fast!

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