Although we often refer to it as Social Media, the reality is often, it’s anything but social! How often do we witness a couple sitting in a restaurant, both busy with their smartphone, rather than actually talking and communicating with each other? Many surveys also indicate that too many people collect most of their so-called news and information on this type of media. Recently, the main social applications, declared their policies, regarding electoral advertising and publications. While due to public pressure they started doing some sort of fact finding / checking, in the daily posts, they announced that they would allow political ads, without these controls! Some of the posts, on the most widely used social media app, from the Trump campaign, have already been accepted, despite the fact that many stations / television networks refused to post them, because they proclaimed them, extremely incorrect, and too negative! / prejudiced! With that in mind, this article will briefly attempt to consider, examine, review, and discuss 4 concerns that this behavior exposes / risks.

1. Shouldn’t there be some standards ?: They have already accepted and allowed announcements of the president’s re-election campaign which are unproven at best and most likely outright distortions / lies. These included unproven claims about the Biden family, as well as material misstatements about President Trump’s alleged accomplishments to date. We have spent the last, almost 3 years, concerned about the damage caused by the Russians, etc., during the 2016 elections, with their posts on social networks, but, instead of demanding better, and more, the the bar has been lowered!

two. Politics benefits campaigns more, who lie and make distorted statements !: Is there not enough lies and too little genuine integrity in politics? With this policy, campaigns, which mostly rely on lying, blaming, complaining, and taking little personal responsibility, have an advantage!

3. Makes content unreliable and unreliable: This shortsighted decision, probably made, either for political / personal reasons, or just to make money, results in making the trustworthiness of posts unreliable, etc. In the long run, transform this format into a digital version of a tabloid newspaper.

Four. Repeat the same mistakes and aggravate them: Have you learned nothing from the past presidential elections? This policy provides the message, although people can’t post certain misinformation, it’s okay, for paid political advertising, to do so!

Wake up America, because the concept of free elections and an informed electorate is at risk! Demand better and more responsible behavior, and in the meantime, find more responsible ways to collect real facts. Remember, there are no such things as real and alternative facts! Either it is factual or it is not!

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