Obstacle courses for kids can be a great way to invite them out and have fun. In an age when children are more interested in playing games on the computer or their video game consoles, there is no better way to encourage them to enjoy fun outside.

Here are some obstacle course ideas for kids that you can try at parties, summer camps, or in your child’s daily outdoor activity.

Ladder race

This is another fun obstacle course idea for kids and will require the use of a wooden ladder. Make sure the ladder is sanded to prevent splinters from damaging children’s legs. Just lay it flat on the ground, then have the kids run up each rung as fast as possible.

Tracking table

For this game, you need a table, a hand pump, and a balloon. Blow the balloons with the hand pump until they are as big as the table, stringing them together. Once the table is completely covered, the child must crawl under the table and reach the other side.

Hoop spoon

Obstacle courses for kids, like the hoop paddle, require 8-10 plastic hoops. All hoops must be placed in a straight line, then a child must enter the first hoop. When entering a hoop, you need to lift it above your head and then drop it behind them. Do the same for the next hoop and so on.

Mount breed

You will need a bicycle and a basket for these kiddie obstacle courses. You must indicate a route and place treats along each route, which the child must collect at various points while riding his bike. The idea here is that the child does not leave the bike while collecting the items. You can try to vary this game or increase the level of difficulty by changing the bike lane.

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