Homeowners who were possibly thinking of moving may want to reconsider that idea if not absolutely necessary, as the housing market is now in the worst shape it has been in many years. Most Americans feel that the recession puts a huge pinch on their budgets and many want to be budget conscious when planning to redo a room at home. This article will offer tips on how to redo your bathroom or kitchen by reusing some of the things you already own and making them different in a creative way, saving a lot of money. Some examples of this would be Tampa Grout Cleaning or Tampa Tile Cleaning to make your old tiles look new, paint your old wood cabinets, change existing cabinet faucets and hardware, and color changes of the painting.

One of the biggest expenses when redoing a kitchen or bathroom is replacing cabinets. Instead of replacing cabinets, try repurposing your existing cabinets in another way. If you have solid but outdated oak cabinets, sand them down and paint them a cool white or cream color to brighten up the room. Another way is to keep the cabinet bases and just renovate the doors, which is much less expensive than replacing the entire cabinet. Restoring or painting your old cabinets instead of replacing them is a great way to make the look different and up-to-date.

Another main part of a kitchen or bathroom is the countertops and the floor. If you have nice white tile, but the grout and tile itself look old because the grout is dirty, have a professional power clean the tile and grout and it will look like new tile was laid for a fraction of the cost. If you really want granite countertops but can’t afford to buy a solid granite slab, look at a granite overlay that will fit a granite countertop directly over your existing countertop for a lot less money. This is a great solution for people redoing a room during a tough economy. To change the flooring, you can sand and stain your existing lightly stained hardwood floors with a darker finish to give it a totally new look.

The final touches to update a bathroom or kitchen would be what are considered the finishing touches or the jewels of the room. Replacing all the cabinet hardware and faucets in the sinks can totally update a room for little money. Also finding updated lower priced light fixtures will complete the transformation.

Instead of thinking that you have to completely rip out and gut a kitchen or bathroom to update it, think about how you can slightly change up your existing items to make it look new again. It is a smart investment and it will pay off later for the resale of your home and save significant expenses by renovating this way.

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