Does your boyfriend act like you don’t exist? Does your love and care seem unrequited? Usually all you could do is wait until he changes and learns to love you the same way. However, certain situations call for drastic measures and it may be time for you to act before your relationship falls apart.

What are the steps you need to take to make your boyfriend realize your value?

Act like you don’t care.

You may have spoiled your boyfriend by giving him everything you have. Pause and think for a moment; it may be time to step back and not focus too much on it. Try to act like you don’t want it that much anymore. She may eventually realize that she hasn’t been a good boyfriend to you lately.

Do some activities without it.

If you’ve been too clingy to your boyfriend, he probably thinks he’s your world and that you couldn’t live without him. Don’t give him that idea; instead, learn to do things on your own this time.

Try to make him jealous.

Do you think I could be the only boy in your world? Most boyfriends who act like jerks are those who are full of themselves and those who think their girlfriend would never leave them. Try to make him jealous and he might think otherwise.

Stop communicating with him.

A little detachment could do wonders for your boyfriend to realize exactly what you are worth. It may take some extra effort to get your attention back.

Hang out with other people.

Again, learn to associate with other people. Don’t give him the idea that there will never be any chance that he will quit. Also, socializing could help you prepare for an eventual breakup.

Break up with him, temporarily.

Is he still acting like a total jerk to you? Tell him that you need some space and time to think things over. Tell him that you need to evaluate how you have treated him. Doing so could make you realize your mistakes and change the way you act.

Leave it forever.

It’s no use hitting on a guy who doesn’t care about you. If he keeps ignoring you even if you’ve brought up all your tactics to get his attention back, leave him forever; you may be able to find someone who is much better.

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