How to be a close friend of a married woman

It doesn’t matter being friends or even dating a married woman, so far your intention is not sexual. Friendships and relationships strive to understand both parties and maturity also plays a vital role in this type of relationship. Marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman and anyone who separates is doomed to failure. This article is not intended to teach you to have sex with a married woman or to take her away from her husband; but it is only a guide to having a platonic relationship with a married woman. So here it goes; Someone might say “why be around a married woman when there are millions of young single women to date and have a relationship with?” Yes, why could this question be logical?

Now I have to warn you at this point that if you have to be friends with a married woman you must be very careful. Here are some tips on how to approach this type of relationship:

1. Make him realize that you don’t like him for any sexual reason.: I advise you to be careful with your choice of words, when you talk to her do not be flirtatious, make it real and natural. You must make her understand that you respect the fact that she is married and you just need to be her friend. If he naturally likes you then it is to your advantage.

2. Be careful with phone calls: Common sense should tell you when to call a woman married or not; unless she makes the call in this period, then don’t call. If she is the regular worker from 8 to. M. At 4 p. M., You can text her during this period and if you are willing, you can text back or call. Please do not call her after 7 pm, you should know that you could be having a happy time with your family. Weekend calls should be avoided unless she contacts you and wants to see you, please don’t jeopardize her marriage.

3. Make your family your friend: Yes, although this may sound a bit awkward, it helps build the relationship. We all know that most men are possessive of their wives; If she introduces you to her husband and you sound and act withdrawn and he ever has the slight feeling that you are trying to have an affair with his wife, then the friendship is over. Instead, when you meet her husband, be jovial and free, if she has better children for you, just play with them and make them your friends. If they call you “good thing” uncle. However, a little ice cream would do. With these you have a ticket for the family

4. Erase all erotic thoughts: I’m sure you know what adultery is. I do not mean to advise you to have sex with a married woman, as you would be subject to eternal damnation. Second, if you attract her and you eventually have sex with her, she will likely hate you later when she realizes that you are a crafty fox who just wanted to have her. While some married women like to have sex with another man, I do not advise it because it spoils a lot of things. You should be wondering how you would feel when you found out that another man slept with your wife.

5. Beware of showing emotions: When giving gifts, please do so carefully. Do not give a gift that represents intimacy. This would mean making her think broad, most women are sensitive people, so you shouldn’t make her feel like you have other plans besides being friends.

6. Keep the relationship plain and simple: Yes, you can joke around with her, tell her about the women you’ve met, the things you’ve done, the places you’ve been, you can talk about just about anything, but be careful with conversations about sex. There are so many things to discuss, just pique your interest and focus your discussion on what you like to talk about the most.

I know you may be wondering why all these rules if I really want to be friends with a married woman. Yes, this is what works for me as I have some married friends and I don’t push the boundaries. As I said earlier, marriage is sacred, so don’t be the devil who will destroy a union for life. This is the simple truth if you want to be friends with a married woman.

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