Although we might think of gift baskets as a modern way of giving gifts, gift baskets actually have quite a long legacy. Spanning years and cultures, there are several fascinating stories of gift baskets that have been gifted throughout history.

Probably one of the first accounts of a gift that comes in a basket is the basket of young plants that the pagan goddess Eostre carried in a basket, to be used as a sacred offering. Although some scholars hold to Eostre’s place in Passover history, this is nevertheless the likely source of the idea for what the present-day Easter gift basket came to be.

Another early gift basket story that had sacred overtones is the Old Testament story of Moses’ mother placing baby Moses in a wicker basket. He then hid the basket in the reeds on the river bank for the daughter of the Egyptian royal family to find it and finally take Moses into her custody and protection.

The baskets have been used not only as gift baskets, but also for utilitarian reasons for centuries. They were used to bring eggs home from the chicken coop, or baskets called trugs were needed to harvest vegetables from the garden and bring them home to prepare meals. The baskets were used as a kind of large saddlebag on horses, donkeys and mules to carry provisions, and even people on occasion.

Most baskets, including your next gift basket, even today are made by hand. Even with the advent of the industrial age, basket making is almost impossible to do with machinery and instead requires the same craftsmanship that has been used throughout time. Some cultures have turned basket weaving into an art form. Today, you will find many Native American groups making special baskets that are used to collect wild blueberries in late spring and early summer. Many Native American tribes are famous for their ability to make baskets.

The care that goes into making anything by hand pays a special level of attention to detail that makes gift baskets so beautiful to give and receive. Each item included in personalized gift baskets can be selected to meet the specific wishes of the recipient. Also, the basket can be finished with your special someone’s favorite colors in terms of wrapping, ribbon, and ties used.

Basket gifts can also be focused around a particular theme, such as a baby gift basket or holiday gift baskets. You can include specific gift items for any event you want to celebrate, including anniversaries and weddings. Even corporations give these baskets to employees or clients, so that they are remembered in a positive way.

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