Have sex longer: the 2 most important lessons to last longer in bed

If it doesn’t last long enough and you need to have sex longer, there are 2 vital lessons you need to learn to last longer in bed.

Lesson 1: It’s a mind game.

Believe it or not, lasting longer in bed has a lot to do with how you think. Do you want proof? The next time you have sex try to think about football or some other sport. This is classic “have sex longer” advice that has been around for a while and is not folklore. In fact, you end up lasting much, much longer than usual. This is because you take your mind off the pleasures that are taking place. It is these pleasures that usually excite the mind, sending signals to the body that it is time to unleash premature ejaculation.

So the very fact that men can last longer without doing anything but thinking about football in their head proves that premature ejaculation is a mind game.

Now the downside of thinking about football during sex is, well, exactly that! Who wants to be thinking about linebackers and defensive ends while making love?

The answer then is to control the mind in a different way. Calming him down and getting rid of excitement and anxiety will do wonders for his lasting ability.

Breathing is the key. Breathing slowly and deeply during sex will calm your mind and allow you to focus on more than just sports. Focusing on your breath allows you to distract your mind in a neutral way; you still enjoy the pleasures of sex, but you will slow things down and thus extend your lasting ability.

Everyone will have their own breathing preferences and you’ll find what works best for you once you try it. The key is to start and practice slow, controlled breaths when you feel the sensations increase during sex. Take a deep breath in and exhale slowly. Once you get into a rhythm, you will feel the urgency of your ejaculation greatly eased and you will regain control.

Lesson 2: The physical aspect.

Now, while we can do a lot to prevent premature ejaculation through mental techniques, there is a definite physical aspect to last longer during intercourse. The combination of implementing both the mental and the physical can guarantee that you will be a long-lasting and highly enjoyable lover.

The main technique to physically last longer is to control what is known as the “PC” muscle. This is located between the anus and the testicles, and can be felt when you try to stop urinating midway. Once you identify it you can start exercising it. Simply squeeze or flex it for as many reps as possible.

It will be weak at first, but each day you should be able to do a few more reps, making it more controllable and stronger.

Once you can do a good number of reps, try squeezing and holding for 10 seconds. Keep practicing until you can get to 10 seconds, and then try 15-20 seconds.

Squeezing and holding is key because this is what you will be doing during sex. You will prevent premature ejaculation from occurring by squeezing and holding. This discourages ejaculation and allows you to last a long time.

To practice this method, you can try masturbating and once you feel ejaculation approaching, squeeze your PC and see if you can stop it. If you can’t help it, you should exercise it with more push-ups and crunches.

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