Grow Your Avon Business: 21 Tips For Quick Success

Are you interested in growing your Avon business? Becoming an Avon representative is easy and there are many resources to help you grow your business and achieve your personal goals.

  1. Use Avon products yourself. One of the best ways to sell a product is to know everything about it. Your discount and regular demos allow you to save money and try the products yourself first.
  2. Ask your customers for product reviews. When you deliver orders, ask your customer to tell you how the products work. This is a great way to learn about the products so that you can offer more information to other customers.
  3. Share your products. If you work in an office, make sure you have hand lotion to share with your co-workers. I have received multiple requests simply by letting others try the lotion on my desk. Another Avon representative has additional tubes of hand cream for immediate sales.
  4. Educate yourself with training. Get the most out of your business by taking Avon’s online training courses. Every new rep should start here first, as the courses include everything from money management to launching your business to order entry. Most classes are 30 minutes long and have downloadable text sheets. You get a certificate after completing each one and special recognition for completing certain courses.
  5. Become an electronic representative. Curious about becoming an eRep? Customers can order online and have the product delivered directly to their home address. There is usually a free or discounted shipping code on the website. I tell my clients if you don’t see one, let me know and I’ll give you one! Once you become an erep, you will also have access to other customer management tools. You can set up an email marketing campaign to inform customers about new products or campaigns. My customers love the “little reminder” because they often include free or discount codes.
  6. Use your network. Share your enthusiasm for your new business and people will be excited about you. Most of your friends are already familiar with Avon products, so they will be your easiest customers. Everyone is a member of some organization or workplace. You have an extended network of soccer moms, hair salons, delivery men, doctor’s office workers, etc.
  7. Wear avon jewelry. I get a lot of compliments when I wear a new Avon necklace. Most jewelry comes in sets, such as a necklace and bracelet. They are designed to complement fashion or seasonal colors. Some have told me that they weren’t sure if a necklace would match their outfit, but with the hassle-free money-back guarantee they weren’t afraid to return it if it didn’t. Oh, and I haven’t had any jewelry returns yet!
  8. Invest in attractive business cards. Make sure your business cards look professional, even if you buy from a discounted vendor. Include a customer rewards program on the back. I have mine printed with a coupon “Buy in five campaigns, get 20% off your sixth campaign order” on the back.
  9. Share your business cards. Leave one with the tip for your waiter, hang it on the community bulletin board area at the grocery store, give it to the cashier at the mall, etc.
  10. Personalize your business cards. When I deliver my business cards, I write a free shipping code offer that is good on my website. I also mention the Avon Opportunity: Do you want to earn extra money by becoming an Avon Representative?
  11. Order lots of brochures. Brochures are really your “store”. They are well designed, colorful and cheap. The photos are very clear and often show what makeup looks like on a real person. In every campaign brochure, Avon includes its famous scratch and smell perfume circles.
  12. Have brochures on hand. I keep the latest campaign brochure in my bag, as well as a sale flyer. I always preview the campaign brochure so I can target the market – for example, can I say, have you seen Avon’s new mineral makeup line? There is a buy 1 get 1 half price offer on page 32 for Soft Mineral Makeup. Wow!
  13. Buy stickers for the back of the brochures.. My stickers match my business cards and the large print makes them easy to read. The stickers include my name, phone number, email address, and website address. Brochures, stickers, and business cards are powerful sales tools!
  14. Don’t forget the special offers. Everyone loves bargains! Use your imagination to come up with catchy ideas. How about a free wrap for Mother’s Day? Birthday and anniversary reminders? BOGO – buy one get one? Recommend to a friend and get a 10% discount on their next order? Print Avon Bucks and include them in your bag when you deliver orders.
  15. Always sell more. This is a key sales tip that really works. Let’s say your customer buys a certain fragrance; draw your attention to the lotion. Do you have an order for a necklace? Point out the ring on the same page. Did your client choose a skin care product for aging skin? Make sure they know about the eye lift cream.
  16. Expect sales meetings. Your district manager or DM will hold sales meetings every few months where you will have the opportunity to meet other representatives, see and test new products, share your successes, and discuss sales techniques. These meetings are encouraging and fun, be sure to attend.
  17. Make samples and demos work for you. Attach a sample to the most recent brochure page where the article appears with a paper clip. Encourage your customers to try the product. Buy a demo and use it yourself or give it to a loyal customer for testing.
  18. Party and special days. Remind your customer that holidays and special occasions tend to creep up on us, and that you have great gifts for just about anyone.
  19. Don’t forget the male client. We tend to forget about the boys, but they have daughters coming home from college, wives who love to put on good makeup, and mothers who love to be invited to think of you as a mom. Avon has great products especially for men. Take a look at the aftershave conditioners and foot care line. Don’t forget Bug Guard for camping, hunting, and yard work.
  20. Use the hassle-free return policy to close the deal. Avon promises, “If you are not satisfied with a purchase, simply return it for an exchange or your money back. No questions asked. No hassle. No hassle.” Even if the makeup is opened, if the customer is not satisfied, Avon will return the product stress-free. You’ll get the item back and use eZ Returns to get a credit. No problem for reps too!
  21. Grow your team. Be prepared to share your success when someone asks you about the Avon Opportunity. Some of your clients may tell you that they are interested in earning extra money. Avon is so successful because of people like you and me who love the products and work to grow their business.

Focus on what attracted you to Avon and create strategies to communicate this to your customers. Already a customer who loved skin care products? Your testimonial can be a great asset to your business. Are you excited about the earning potential? Share how you set a financial goal. Avon offers training, great products, customer service, and a support network to help you achieve your goals. Becoming an Avon representative is a personal growth opportunity that is also a lot of fun!

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