Free Bulk SMS: Importance of Bulk SMS Marketing in Today’s Competitive World

In this world of fast-paced communication through the web and the Internet, it becomes very necessary to save time for marketing and promotion. There is an easy solution for entrepreneurs to promote new products in the market, and that is bulk SMS technology.

What is Marketing…?

The action of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and publicity, basically known as Marketing.

types of marketing

The main types of marketing strategies are

  1. Business-to-Business (B2B) Marketing

  2. Business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing

  3. mobile marketing

mobile marketing: Mobile marketing is an online marketing technique to reach a targeted audience on their mobile phones, tablets or any related devices through websites, email, SMS and MMS, social networks or smartphone applications. provides customers with personalized time and location sensitive information that promotes goods, services and ideas.

In Business to Consumer Marketing and Mobile Marketing bulk SMS Have a key role.

What is SMS…?

SMS it’s a text message service telephone, internet and mobile devices.

What is bulk SMS…?

Sending or campaign of more than 1 message like thousands of SMS It is known as bulk SMS. in recent days bulk messaging services They are being used by the media, banks, businesses, and consumer brands for a variety of purposes including entertainment, business and mobile marketing, etc.

By using bulk SMS, we can save time in marketing and promotions of our Product and business, it is an easy solution to get our product to a larger number of audiences or clients. and easy to provide information to our customers or register customers.

Who is using bulk SMS…?

In the modern business era to reach all customers and to report alerts to the maximum number of people in the organizations that use bulk SMS services I like it

  • Banking Sectors

  • schools

  • electronic commerce

  • hospitals

  • Online business sectors, etc.

It is very easy to send alerts or offers to our registered customers.

Advantages of bulk messaging:

As noted above, it is very easy to reach our customers anywhere that has a mobile phone number and some network.

we can send thousands of SMS with a single click and arrive in a few minutes. and we have number of bulk SMS providers in marketing for choosing the best among them to get our messages to customers in a fraction of a second.

Can do mass messages using PC or mobile, several bulk messaging software and applications are available on the web for Personal Computers (PCs) and for mobile devices. To use mass messaging servicewe need to have an account with the providers bulk SMS service. Online SMS service Y Mass messaging services are helping businesses a lot in the very competitive modern era of global business

Bulk SMS features:

Tea mass messaging service provides us with below mentioned features

  1. It offers us to send messages to all cellular networks in the world.

  2. You can send messages from anywhere in the world using a personal computer or mobile device.

  3. It is very easy to use the online applications on the desktop.

  4. We can easily import our numerical data into the desktop software.

  5. It supports advanced form of number management.

  6. We can create groups of contacts to easily identify them.

  7. We can track our shipment SMS reports.

  8. Most SMS software applications allow uploading of mobile phone number lists using a text file or a CSV or Excel file.

  9. By scheduling the SMS we can send at any future time.

  10. Through the use of APIs (application programming interfaces) we can integrate SMS service to our own web service interfaces and applications.

  11. The API (Application Programming Interfaces) supports all types of coding languages.

When was mass messaging invented…?

In the early 1980s the idea of ​​sending text messages to mobile users was invented. The Plan was given by CEPT Group GSM, and approved in December 1982. CEPT Group GSM requested “Services offered in public telephone networks must be available in the mobile system.” This made some changes in the early 1980s in the context of the exchange text messages between mobile stations, and is widely transmitted through message handling systems.

In 2001, the Japanese network sha-mail introduced a picture messaging system. It validated the idea of ​​sending images from one phone to another that has the camera feature. now in the 21st century mobile phone is a must device, by using a smart phone we can do almost all the work therefore in recent times using of text message service it increases rapidly. She readily adopted the strange style of writing and went on to do SMS providers rich.

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