Do you want to start exercising, but there is no gym available? Well, the good news is that there are LOTS of exercises you can do where you don’t need weights or equipment. You can get a great workout at home or even in the office. There is no excuse not to start moving, so get started today! Here’s a list of exercises you can do anywhere!

1. PUSH UPS. Push-ups are a classic exercise! I love these, because they are a basic training exercise. (I mean core workouts!) Pushups work your chest, back, abs, and triceps, as well as your biceps a bit. It is a complete training. You are even using some of your leg muscles to stabilize your body. If you’re thinking, “Oh God, I can’t even do a pushup.” Okay, we all have to start somewhere. You can start with push-ups on your knees and get stronger. Most people know what a lizard is, but, just in case, I will describe it. Start with your palms facing the ground. Raise your knees and keep your hips down. With your arms fully extended upward, allow your arms to bend at a ninety-degree angle and press your body upward.

2. SQUATS. Squats are great for working your legs and abdominal muscles. Make sure that when you squat, it is as if you are sitting in a chair. You want your knees to be on your heels, not on your toes. It takes some practice so if this is difficult you can find a wall and do this against the wall. Support your back against the wall and walk with your feet out. Let your body slide down the wall as if you were sitting in a chair.

3. SIT. There are so many different variations of abdominal work that you can do without any weight! You can do the basic sit-ups. Most people know what they are. With your knees bent, you can lift your body off the floor and lower your body down. This basic exercise works the abdominal muscles. If abs are too much, start with crunches. You can also try placing your hands under your hips in the lying position, and then with your legs straight, lifting them into the air. Lower them about six inches off the ground and lift them up again.

These are just three of the countless exercises you can do anywhere. You don’t need a gym to exercise unless you need the motivation to show up!

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