Seagrass is a natural fiber that is versatile and naturally stain resistant. The natural fibers resist dust and other dirt particles, making it a great choice for a family that suffers from allergies. It is very easy to clean and will resist most stains, making it a great rug for the dining room or living room. If seagrasses are properly maintained and cared for, they will still look remarkably new and eye-catching.

Sisal rugs are naturally derived and beautifully designed to make any room in your home stand out. Although the rug’s fibers come from a plant in Africa, they require routine maintenance to preserve their beauty and character. Sisal rugs are waterproof and semi-stain resistant, but work best when kept in a dry, arid environment. After purchasing your sisal rug, you probably want to know how to care for it to keep it looking fresh and new.

Both rugs are a great addition to any green home because they are made from 100 percent sustainable material. These rugs are affordable and durable due to their durability. Be careful when placing these types of rugs next to moisture, as both seagrass and sisal rugs can develop mold and mildew if given too much moisture. These rugs are not intended for outdoor use. Another aspect to take into account of these natural rugs is the curled corners. Another result of excessive moisture is curled corners.

Use seagrass and sisal rugs to create the perfect earth-friendly home environment. These rugs go great with virtually any wall color and can be used as the centerpiece of a room or easily paired with neutral colors. To draw attention to your kelp rug or sisal rug, use bold, bold colors for the walls. This will allow the eye to capture the natural tones of the rug. If you want it to blend in, just paint the room a shade of brown.

Use live green plants to bring the outdoors indoors. The plants nicely complement the kelp and sisal mats. Place a small water feature in the room to bring home an outdoor experience. You can turn any living space into a relaxing getaway with a few plants, sounds, and the natural scent of kelp rugs and sisal rugs.

Always remember to clean your carpets to maintain them. If well maintained, these rugs can last a long time. They tend to be long-lasting. Keep pets and shoes off these rugs to get the most out of them. These rugs are not stain resistant, so you may want to place them in a low-traffic area of ​​your home.

These rugs also make an excellent housewarming gift. When someone is preparing to move into a new house, there are so many items that they need to buy. If the person you are shopping for is someone who is eco-friendly and looking for natural products to decorate their home, a seagrass or sisal rug might be the perfect gift.

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