Drifting is one of the fastest growing forms of motorsports not just in the US but around the world. This amazing sport has spread from the remote mountains of Japan to some of the most remote places imaginable. Do a quick YouTube search and you’ll see thousands upon thousands of videos submitted by enthusiasts around the world showing everything from complete race cars to your parents’ lawn mower … as long as you’re on your side, no matter which one it is. your driving.

What makes this growth staggering is that most major forms of auto racing are in serious decline, numbers are down for NASCAR, Formula 1 and NHRA in both event attendance and viewership. So why is drift growing while other motorsports are in constant decline? Many people believe it is because drifting is more of an art form and less of a racing type. Watching highly skilled drivers slide side to side through the corner with tire smoke is a must-see to appreciate. Not only can drivers pull off some incredible maneuvers, they can also do it while driving alongside their competitor at extremely high speeds. Just when you think they’ve got the car out of control and there’s no way they can ever recover, they get it back and set it up for their next amazing feat of control.

Another thing that helps keep the drift scene growing is the incredible community that has steadily grown alongside the sport itself. There are literally hundreds of drift clubs that have sprung up across the country and these clubs are hosting legal competitions that give drifters a place to practice their craft. There are also plenty of places online for drifting fans to hang out, between forums and blogs there is no shortage of places for drifting addicts. There is a brotherhood between members of the drifting community not normally seen in other forms of motorsports, not only do they help each other prepare their cars for the next competition, but they often teach people new to it. sports tips and tricks. that will help them get out on the track.

So if you haven’t tried this exciting automotive art form yet, take a few minutes to watch some videos online and you’ll be amazed at the skill and beauty of drifting.

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