Since the Every Door Direct Mail program came into being, the logistics of overload direct mail have been simplified. The benefits of this program when using an all-inclusive print and mail company are immense. Save yourself the headache of filling out paperwork, counting and grouping, scheduling, and also considering shipping restrictions. With all the new hype about this program, the more manual method of direct mail has sometimes been forgotten.

Door hangers are a great way for restaurants with home delivery service and tight budgets to source and maintain their advertisements in homes. Like a takeout menu on every take out order, a door hanger can be a great call to action. Going door to door can be time consuming, but it is definitely worth maintaining a consistent customer base so that you can maintain a database of your loyal customers for future promotions.

Printing your door hangers in bulk from a low-cost vendor will save you some money and have more cash available for other avenues of marketing. Printing your door hangers for pennies a piece will definitely cut the cost. Having a professionally designed piece will make your door hangers stand out and grab the attention of your customers and neighbors.

Some tips for keeping door hangers useful are:

  • Use eye-catching graphics
  • Offer great coupons
  • Make sure your phone number is bold and visible
  • Try to use expiration dates to get customers to use coupons soon!

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