With gas prices as high as they are, people are increasingly looking for ways to save money. Many have found that using a hydrogen conversion kit is a great and easy way to save money, as it can increase your mileage by up to 40%.

What is a hydrogen conversion kit?
It’s a revolutionary way to save money as you can use regular tap water to create a gas called HHO.

What is HHO?
It is a fuel that has been used for over 100 years in high temperature furnaces, lamps and torches, but it has been found that it can be used by cars alongside gasoline, giving your car more power with less gasoline, saving you money.

How is HHO made?
HHO is created by passing an electrical current through water, causing the hydrogen and oxygen to separate, causing gas bubbles to appear. The gas can then go into a tube that goes to your engine that powers your car.

Is HHO bad for the environment?
HHO burns clean and is much better for the environment than gasoline, reducing emissions.

Do it yourself hydrogen? How could I do mine?
It’s very simple and most designs require the same main elements. you can do it yourself and it can be done within a couple of hours using wiring to keep the power going, a container of some kind to hold the water, pipe to transfer the gas and some zip ties to secure the unit in the engine bay. With these simple everyday items, you can create a money-saving kit.

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